The Career Development Center offers a wide range of programs to help you explore your interests and develop your skills, as well as resources to help you find and prepare for programs, jobs, and internships.

Online Resources: Want to explore various fields or career paths? Want to talk with Oberlin alumni about their career experiences? Whether you’re looking for a summer internship, a post-Oberlin job, or trying to choose a major, our online resources are a great place to start.

Summer and Winter Term Opportunities: Learn how to make the best use of your Winter Term as well as summer break. Jobs, internships, travel, and volunteer opportunities can all be great ways to gain experience and develop skills.

Business Scholars: The Business Scholars Program is a Winter Term project that builds a foundation of skills and knowledge, and then applies it in networking trips to cities across the US to meet with Oberlin alumni and other friends of the college.

Diversity Resources: Students from diverse backgrounds often face unique challenges in the job search process. The Career Development Center offers a variety of resources to support students and alumni of all backgrounds with their career exploration and development.

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