Center for Student Success


Oberlin College and Conservatory offers students a variety of on-campus resources in case they need assistance while they're away from home. It can be stressful trying to find the right place to go, so we've compiled a list of the most commonly used resources here. 

Academic Advising and Resource Center (AARC): The Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC)/Office of the Registrar supports academic advisors and students on issues related to academic success, progress toward degrees, courses, grading, and academic standing.

To schedule an appointment, please enter your name and T-number on the subject line of the meeting request. Include the purpose of the meeting and your contact information in the description block.


Campus Safety: Campus Safety supports an environment in which all members of the Oberlin College community can learn, live, teach, and work safely and free from harm. Open 24 hours a day, the staff responds to potential criminal incidents, suspicious activity, requests for assistance, and emergency situations. 

Please call (440) 775-8444 or the emergency line at (440) 775-8911, available 24-hours.


Career Exploration and Development (CED):  The mission of Career Exploration and Development (CED) is to help Obies chart a meaningful path toward their professional future. CED offers one-on-one advising as well as cohort programming to inspire connections and empower students to excel in their chosen fields.


Center for Information Technology (CIT): If you're having trouble with your computer, tablet or phone, CIT can help. They offer one-on-one assistance and software help, too.


Center for Learning, Education and Research in the Sciences (CLEAR): The Center for Learning, Education, and Research in the Sciences (CLEAR) is an interdepartmental resource for faculty and students dedicated to expanding on the tradition of leadership in science education at Oberlin College.


Counseling and Psychological Services: Counseling and Psychological Services provides short-term therapy, psychiatry, group programming, consultation, and community referrals. Services are free, as the center itself is funded through tuition. Appointments can be made for virtual or in-person visits. 

You can can always call (440-775-8470) or stop into the office during office hours to schedule an appointment! 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call or text 988 to be quickly connected with a trained mental health professional.


Financial Aid: Need help paying for next semester or filling out the FAFSA? Contact the staff in Financial Aid for assistance.


General Resources and Support: Resources and support for Oberlin students takes on many forms. This link will provide you to information on tutoring, peer-to-peer support services, and more.


Multicultural Resource Commons (MRC): The Multicultural Resource Commons provides programs and services that affirm and promote equity for students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and F1RST Generation college students.


Office for Disability and Access (ODA): If you're a student and need assistance with accessability, reach out to ODA. They're here to provide you with the accomodations you need.


Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI): Oberlin College and Conservatory takes equity, diversity, and inclusion very seriously, and is committed to cultivating a campus community free from discrimination and harrassment.


Residence Life: The Office of Residence Life (ResLife) helps with roommate issues, dorm assignments, and helps foster a sense of community on campus. This is accomplished through providing quality programming, efficient services, and safe and comfortable facilities.


Student Accounts: Student Accounts provides customer service and financial counseling to students and guardians in resolving billing questions and facilitating financial arrangements. They process monthly statements and manage all records related to tuition, fees, miscellaneous charges, credits and payments.


Student Support and Outreach (SSO): If you're concerned about a student, we want to know. The Student Support and Outreach office will reach out to the student to provide support.  If it's an emergency, call Campus Safety at 440-775-8444.


Winter Term: Create opportunities for further learning and growth by completing a Winter Term project.


Want to know how other Obies maintain their success in college? Here's a few tips collected by students for students:

  • Go to class!
  • Try not to stay in your dorm room all the time - get out and explore the community.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep!
  • There's lots of opportunities to get involved - now is the time to try something new!
  • Google Calendar will be your best friend.
  • Take advantage of things that are offered - free concerts, workshops, seminars and more. It's fun to learn!
  • Get to know your professors - they really are here to help you.
  • Don't overschedule yourself; balance is key.
  • Make time to rest!