Center for Student Success

For Parents

Helping your student navigate college life can be challenging, but we're here to support you, too. It's a new experience for both of you, and at times it can feel overwhelming. The Center for Student Success is open to all Oberlin College and Conservatory students and provides holistic, comprehensive support services that help students succeed during and after their collegiate journey. 

While we focus on assisting your student with their needs, we'll keep you updated on our services and events through the "Wilder Bowl" - Oberlin's parent newsletter. Each month, you'll recieve an email with updates from various campus departments, keeping you connected to your student and the events they might participate in. You can sign up for the newsletter via email.

Are you the parent of a F1RST Generation college student? You can keep track of F1RST Generation events and news through "The F1RST" newsletter, a new communication through the Center for Student Success specifically for F1RST Generation Obies. Written by students, it's yet another way CSS offers support and provides opportunities for belonging and leadership. 



Rite of Passage


To help in your transition as a parent of a college student, consider these five tips:

Remind your student that they belong at Oberlin College.

Remind them that they are good enough and capable of completing their degree. Let them know that adjusting takes time and that they will become more comfortable soon.

Be prepared for change.

The move to college often comes with a new found sense of adulthood. Students try new things, meet new people, and explore new activities. This is all normal, and part of the collegiate experience. 

Be assured that your student is not alone.

The F1RST Generation population on campus does not just consist of fellow students: there are F1RST Generation staff and faculty members on campus too that are more than happy to offer words of wisdom, encouragement, resources, or general support.

Your relationship with your student might change.

Your college student is learning how to navigate a new world, with all sorts of different tasks and responsibilities. They're going to be pretty busy, so if they don't seem to communicate as much as you thought they would, don't worry.

Be patient with each other.

This is a learning experience for both of you!