Winter Term

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No two Winter Term projects are the same, but all share a commitment to personal and educational growth.

Students sit in small groups on the floor of the dance studio.
In this Winter Term group project students from KJ Cerankowski's “Writing Ecologies of the Self” project paired with student choreographers from Al Evangelista's “Choreographing Ecologies of the Self” project to create a collaborative narrative through writing and dance.
Photo credit: Jonathan Clark

Students are required to complete three Winter Term projects during their four years at Oberlin. Each one can be different and build on previous experiences. Projects can be done independently or in groups and can take place on Oberlin’s campus or around the world. Students use this time to expand their academic knowledge, prepare for a future career, conduct intensive research, put on an artistic performance, or develop a new skill.

Advising Sessions

The Office of Winter Term wants to help you make the most of your winter term experience! Through one-on-one advising sessions, we can assist you in determining the project that best suits your interests and goals.

30-minute individual advising appointments are available. If the available advising times don’t suit your schedule, send email to and we will be glad to help you find a different appointment time.

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