Center for Student Success

Learning Enhancement Across the Disciplines (LEAD)

The Learning Enhancement Across the Disciplines (LEAD) Program takes a holistic approach to student success. LEAD classes cover learning strategies, wellness, reflective practices, and skills for academic success, which promote resilience, focus, self-efficacy, and leadership.

By enhancing their understanding of the learning processes and practices that are most effective for them, LEAD classes empower students to approach their education across academic disciplines with greater independence, satisfaction, and success as learners.

LEAD classes may also play a part in preparing students for peer support roles and mentorship. In addition to semester and module classes, instructors offer individual studies and sponsor projects during winter term. 

LEAD Program Instructors

Rebecca Morrow

Jacob Dunwiddie

Jess Gorgas

Amanda Fronek

Donna Russell

Brook Escobedo

Harmony Morel

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