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The Center for Student Success provides purposeful, enriching, and intentional co-curricular learning and developmental opportunities to all students enrolled in Oberlin College and Conservatory.

As the central hub of support on campus, the Center for Student Success (CSS) provides comprehensive, holistic services that help supplement the academic experience. CSS helps students maximize their learning opportunities through workshops, co-curricular credit-bearing courses, social events, and leadership programs. Additionally, CSS now offers Success Coaching for any student who desires one-on-one support. Success Coaches are trained and certified-eligible professionals who are committed to cultivating a sense of belonging and safe space for all students at Oberlin College and Conservatory. 


The mission of the Center for Student Success (CSS) is to address and nurture the evolving and diverse needs of all students at Oberlin College and Conservatory by providing purposeful and enriching co-curricular learning and developmental opportunities. Guided by student feedback, data, and best practices, the Center aims to positively impact institutional retention as well as student engagement, belonging, and satisfaction. 

The Center for Student Success will be nationally recognized as a highly impactful and student-focused center fostering holistic student success and functioning as the bridge between Student Affairs and Academics.

Students who engage with the services and programs offered by the Center for Student Success will gain a variety of holistic developmental skills:

  • Intrapersonal Development:
    • Students will be able to articulate and apply values, skills, interests, and strengths, as well as identify and apply strategies that promote self-efficacy and resilience.
  • Interpersonal Competence
    • Students will be able to identify, curate, utilize, evaluate, or apply a network of support.
  • Practical Skills:
    • Students will be able to describe and demonstrate skill attainment and/or enhancement to aid in student success.

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