Career Communities Independent Projects

paint splatters on a canvas


The independent project provides Career Communities students the opportunity to study in greater depth an aspect of particular interest related to their coursework. In order to be eligible for a stipend through the Career Development Center, students submit a two-page proposal outlining their purpose and methods for the project. 

The outcome of the independent project is an artifact of learning. Learning artifacts are research-based writings, media files, or performances that provide evidence of student learning over time. These artifacts showcase students' skills, abilities, and experiences. Creativity and intentionality are important aspects of artifact design and offer students the ability to use different forms of multimedia or expressive arts to demonstrate learning. 

Projects are intended for a general audience, so content should be simple and concise. Click the buttons below to view examples of artifacts of learning and a detailed outline of the project proposal. Keep in mind that Oberlin College Libraries offers a variety of free services and subscriptions available to support students’ projects.