Career Exploration and Development

Music Performance, Education and Administration

Oberlin students are uniquely prepared to become future leaders in the music industry through their skills and training.

An Oberlin string quartet performs in front of a group of children. One of the musicians holds up a microphone to one of the children. They are smiling.
During their tour of New York, the Oberlin Sonny Rollins Jazz Ensemble visited community schools, and had the opportunity to teach this young student how to scat sing.
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

Our students explore art leadership topics from multiple professions by engaging directly with professionals in the music industry through visiting lectures, workshops, and summer internships while building their own professional portfolio.

Possible Paths

Leadership skills will be in demand whatever your destination in the music industry – concert hall, jazz venue, museum, music festival, gallery space, recording studio, nonprofit organization, for-profit company, or your own business. There is a wide variety of opportunities and employers in this sector, and there is plenty of room for you to create your own initiative.

Roles and areas of interest could include:

  • Executive director
  • Artistic director
  • Education and community engagement
  • Operations
  • Publicist
  • Development
  • Producer
  • Content creator
  • Marketing
  • Music publisher
  • Communications


Orchestral job postings:

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Opera auditions and vocal competitions:

Church and sacred music job postings:

Cruise ship jobs:

Audio engineering and acoustics job listings:

Arts administration jobs and internships:

Higher education:

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Vacancy and research listings at European higher education institutions:

Jazz educators:

Teaching artists:

Union resources:

International arts and culture journals:

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Arts advocacy:

Services, programs, and technology solutions:

Professional development resources:

Legal resources for artists:

Tax resources and articles for artists:

Non-resident tax preparation for international students and scholars:

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Music Performance, Education and Administration Jobs & Internships

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