Career Exploration and Development

How It Works

Joining a career community will allow you to explore possible careers while gaining the skills you’ll need to hit the ground running.

As a community member, you’ll participate in workshops with faculty, staff, and alumni in that career sector while receiving course credit. Best of all, you’ll obtain a financially supported micro-internship or research-based project that will get you started in your field of interest.



Each career community will conduct workshops as part of the Career Readiness and Skill-Building Summit. The Summit will offer the following workshops, tailored to each sector.

  • Discover Your Path: Clarify potential pathways, identify informative experiences, and synergize learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Connect to Major and Course Selection: Develop synergies between courses, internships, and employment opportunities.
  • Improve Your Communication Skills: Develop your self-introduction and communication skills to establish connections and leave a positive impression.
  • Build Your Network: Focus on maximizing opportunities to connect with potential colleagues, mentors, and employers.
  • Articulate Your Value: Develop the skills to communicate to future employers about your experiences.

Experiential Tracks

After completing the Summit, participants will be connected with an Oberlin alum, parent, or faculty member to pursue either an 8-week remote Career Communities micro-internship (sponsored by an alum or parent) OR a remote research-based project (sponsored by a faculty member).

After you complete this experience, your commitment will be fulfilled—but you will always be part of the career community that you joined and have access to support from peers, faculty, staff, alumni and Oberlin parents who are part of the community.


If you have any questions regarding Oberlin’s career communities, please contact