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A Day in the Life: Fall Edition

October 7, 2023

Natalie Frank ’26

Here is a Thursday in my life as a second-year. Read to the end for a TBH and rate.

9:20 am — Wake

Usually, I wake up more than ten minutes before my class, but I was dreaming about my mom, and I really missed her. When I woke up, it was 9:21 am, and my roommate and I made eye contact and simultaneously agreed that we would not make it to class on time. 

9:30 am — Abnormal Psychology

I made it to class only three minutes late. While I may not be a Psychology major yet, Abnormal Psychology sounded interesting during registration. Spoiler alert: it was. We discussed anxiety disorders and cognitive behavioral therapy in class and practiced mindfulness. Nothing like sitting in complete silence in a dark lecture hall at 10 in the morning.

Two girls posing together
Julia and I in French House
11:00 am — Packages and French House

My roommate Julia and I ran into each other outside of Wilder Hall, which holds just about everything on campus (a mailroom, 3 dining facilities, a performance space, student organization offices, etc.). I picked up a package and a few postcards from my mom. After that, Julia lay on the floor in our French House double while I tried on clothes because who needs real therapy when you can have retail therapy?

12:20 am — Lunch at Pyle

I am in a dining co-op, which involves a group of Oberlin students who cook and clean meals for each other. During lunch, we discussed having meat in our freezer, as we offer only vegetarian food. Pyle lunch had vegetable curry, pasta, salad, and warm pumpkin bread. It was delicious, especially with fresh apple cider or chocolate milk. 

1:00 pm — Computer Science Lab

My Introduction to Computer Science lab was two hours long, but it passed by quickly. It's an excellent opportunity to do my classwork with the help of a Lab Helper and my Professor. 

Trees and building in sunlight3:00 pm — Hang Out with Julia

Today was the first day of autumn in Oberlin. As my roommate and I sat on benches outside the Science Center, fiery orange leaves drifted around us, and a storm gathered above. After an hour, rain began to fall. 

4:00 pm — Crew Training

I had to attend a crew training at Pyle (in Asia House) to review cleaning and sanitizing in the co-op. It went by fast.

4:30 pm — Frounge

I finished my anxiety disorder homework for Abnormal Psychology in the French House lounge. Julia was playing guitar in our room, and I knew I would fall asleep on my bed if I stayed in our room.

5:15 pm — Hang Out with Julia (Again)

Julia and I lay on my bed as I scrolled for summer job opportunities. Our room smelled like rain and earth, and it felt so cozy with all our lamps aglow. It stormed outside.

6:00 pm — Pole

Julia and I had commitments, so we ran from our dorm into the rain. I walked to Hales Gymnasium and did pole dance with my friends. OBurlesque acquired a pole last semester and having taken pole classes before, I started dancing on it. It is my favorite way to work out. 

My friends and I practiced acrobatics together in OCircus.

8:00 pm — Dinner

My friends from Circus walked to Pyle, and we ate the dinner the cooks saved us. 

8:30 pm — Ruby

I changed from my rain-wet clothes and walked to Talcott Hall, one of the nicest student dorms at Oberlin. My friend Ruby and I played Bananagrams (I won) and talked about Paul Rudd. She is a jazz pianist, vocalist, and creative writer; we've been friends for a few weeks. Tonight, she showed me how she could tap dance.

10:30 pm — Work

I actually organize and lead Obie Pole, so I worked on the weekly newsletter I send to Pole members in Frounge.

French House lounge, couches and painting
French House lounge
11:00 pm — Decafe and Rideline

My friends Rafa and Eliza hijacked my attempts to work in Frounge. We walked to Decafe, the market dining facility, which didn't close until 11:30 pm. From there, my friend Nathaniel picked us up on the student shuttle. We drove around for a while and listened to music while I played on his iPad. 

Two girls in masks together
Julia and I together
12:00 am — Hang Out with Julia (Again x2)

Eliza, Rafa, Julia, and I hung out in our dorm for a while. 

12:30 am — Shower
12:45 am — Writing

Before bed, I wrote, stretched, and meditated on my day. I love to be busy, and today was no exception. 




I am excited for autumn in Oberlin and cannot wait for next weekend when Julia's best friend Luca is coming to Oberlin. It's hard to have a slow day here, but that's part of the fun! And hopefully, tomorrow I'll wake up more than ten minutes before my class.

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