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My Campus Jobs So Far, Part 1

April 29, 2024

Natalie Frank ’26

Maybe this makes me a cog in the capitalist machine, but I love to work. I love taking on responsibility, learning new things, making connections with people not 18-22 years old, and preparing myself for post-college life. Throughout my two years at Oberlin so far, I have held many, many campus jobs. Here, I will give an honest, unfiltered opinion of all of them in no particular order.

As a disclaimer, the pay and job experiences are true to myself and the time that I worked them. The pay rates disclosed may have changed. My experience is not everyone’s experience. 

Ambassador, Admissions

October 2022-May 2023

Becoming an Ambassador was my first job at Oberlin. I have always wanted to work in Admissions because of my Tour Guide and passion for working with other people. Being an Ambassador entails meeting with prospective students and giving them a holistic view of Oberlin. Most of the time, I ate lunch with prospies at Stevenson or played games with them at the Cat in the Cream. When I had this job, I didn’t get paid much, but to be fair, I wasn’t really doing that much. 


  • minimal effort
  • lunch-time hours
  • meet cool people


  • low pay ($10.25)
  • few hours (1 or 2 hours every 2 weeks)
  • lack of flexibility
Tour Guide, Admissions

February 2022-May 2023

Becoming a Tour Guide actually felt fairly competitive to me, considering a few of my other friends also applied and did not get the position. I wanted to make an impact on any prospective families joining Oberlin, and I love attention, so this job seemed perfect to me. Having attended many tours before, I was determined to be interesting, honest, and funny. It didn’t hurt that I would be getting paid to walk and talk for an hour.

Unfortunately, after a semester, I realized that being a Tour Guide was not for me. It was a big time commitment to walk for an hour, and because I could not do back-to-back tours, I had very few hours per week. I did enjoy walking past the Conservatory koi pond and telling parents that we sourced our Friday Fish Fry locally.


  • meet cool people
  • be funny 
  • be the first impression of Oberlin


  • low pay ($10.75)
  • time commitment
  • few hours
Overnight Host, Admissions

October 2022-May 2023

This was my last Admissions job and probably my least favorite. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was underpaid and overworked. The program is definitely getting better. Being an Overnight Host entails welcoming selected prospective students to Oberlin on a Thursday night, eating dinner with them at Lord Saunders Dining Hall, showing them to your room, and hosting them Thursday and Friday night. 

I loved the prospective students that I got. They were funny, nice, and smart. A few of them came to Oberlin; some didn’t. The reason this program was difficult for me was because prospective students did not have key card access, so I needed to swipe them into my dorm whenever they wanted to go in. It was also difficult having 1-2 people share your space and resources. Admissions did not supply students with an air mattress, so we often had to give our students a blanket and/or pillow. 

I also sometimes received students intending to go to other colleges, which made it harder to tailor their visit to them. I had a student who partied until 3 am on Friday night, and then I had to show her to the Hotel at 9 am. This was a fun job, but ultimately not worth the pay and time.


  • host awesome students
  • show prospective students around


  • low pay ($12/student/night)
  • lack of flexibility (could not take weekends off when the program occurred, 2/3x a semester)
  • disinterested students
Service Engagement Intern, Hillel

September 2022-May 2023

I worked for Hillel as a Service Engagement Intern for about eight months. I attended online information sessions about environmentalism and Judaism, organized a humanitarian event, and volunteered with Oberlin Community Services. This was an interesting internship, and I really liked the humanitarian aspect of it in that what I was doing made a difference. The event I hosted was a slumber party where we ate snacks and made tie blankets. I donated the blankets to a local hospital center that supported women and children.

That being said, I did feel like some aspects of this internship were performative. I appreciated the emphasis on education and learning, but most of the information I learned in my online training was information I already knew. I think that this was a good one-time experience.


  • meaningful impact
  • independent, can interpret the internship as you want to
  • stipended


  • somewhat performative
  • probably did not make a large impact
  • little human interaction (mostly online)

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my campus jobs! Check out part two for more.

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