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A Weekend at Oberlin: Part Two

March 29, 2024

Natalie Frank ’26

This is part two of A Weekend at Oberlin series! Check out part one for my Friday and Saturday nights. It was hard to do homework and my co-op shifts with all the events, but I had a great day today.

10:00 - Wake

I slept in. I stretched, read part of my computer science textbook, and finished the theory. I also fried a bagel in butter. While the co-op often has treats for breakfast, I run a weekly ALDI trip for bagels and fruit. It is easier.

Lighthouse by a blue lake
Lighthouse by the lake.
12:00 - Vermillion

I promised Julia an adventure and drove us to Vermillion, a small city on the coast of Lake Erie. We ate at the Pavillion Grill, enjoyed adulting, and walked to the lighthouse at the end of the water. We also ate ice cream and listened to music on the way back. It was a peaceful escape from Oberlin.

*You definitely don't need a car at Oberlin, but I take advantage of it for small adventures once a week.

2:00 - Meal Prep

Hanna and I sat down at Pyle and prepared for our meal. This includes creating a timetable, finding and solidifying recipes, and designing a menu. I take this very seriously.

3:00 - Fancy Meal

Hanna and I Head Cook “Fancy Meal” once a week. It’s kind of a big deal. We did Chinese Night: two kinds of stir fry, rice, sticky tofu, red bean buns, and cinnamon-sugar dumplings. It all went so well; I was almost giddy. Cooking for 40-60 people is stressful.

6:20 - Dinner
Red bean buns and batter
Red bean buns.

7:10 - Family Call

I am required to call my family once a week. Even though my older brother hogs the spotlight every time, I enjoy listening to my family talk and banter. I miss them.

7:40 - Choreography

In preparation for my show next week, I practiced choreography. It is not often that I have the room to myself, and I enjoy nothing more than my speaker, a cute outfit, and dancing my heart out.

8:15 - The Grape

I am a contributor for The Grape, the alternative student newspaper on campus. I edited my piece for this week, a satirical commentary on our required security training.

9:00 - Girls Night

Layla, Hanna, and I have a girls' night once a week. We sat in a circle in my room and dished on Pyle, schoolwork, summer plans, and everything in between. I need my girls’ time with them.

10:30 - Rap

I practiced my rap for my Rap Performance class. It’s coming together, even though it’s hard to freestyle with Julia watching me.

My boyfriend and I were supposed to hang out, but he canceled because he was exhausted. I was kind of sad, but then he came over and hung out with me for a bit, which made me feel much better.

I stretched and went to bed. I have been reading this book, The Bird and the Blade, and no spoilers, but the ending is heartbreaking. Because Julia was asleep, I cried under the covers. My neighbor Travis asked me if I had been laughing late at night the following day, and I lied yes.


This was my Sunday at Oberlin. There is never an empty weekend here. It's hard to stay bored between concerts, parties, dinners, and other special events. Don’t get me wrong – I need time to myself, but it is always an option if I want to adventure out of my dorm on a Sunday night. (:

Julia at a restaurant
Julia at the Pavillion Grill.


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