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My Campus Jobs So Far, Part 2

April 30, 2024

Natalie Frank ’26

Welcome to part 2 of rating campus jobs! At Oberlin, I have held many different positions across different departments. Here, I dive into more.

Peer Career Advisor, Career Exploration and Development (CED)

September 2023-Present

As a Peer Career Advisor, I review and edit other students’ cover letters, resumes, biographies, and anything else. Essentially, I lead career advising appointments. I also sometimes lead workshops, host events, and assist around the office. I do research for my boss, Kyle, on artificial intelligence, website design, and new career opportunities.

This is a really fun and chill job. I love CED and the staff that work here, and I think I have found a good working community. I love working with other students, and I have time to work on my own projects. I have the freedom to do what I want with my job. Kyle is a great boss.


  • freedom, flexibility
  • relatively good pay ($12.50)
  • working with students
  • consistent hours


  • research (I don’t love research)
  • work in an office (can be boring)
Communications Assistant, Career Exploration and Development

September 2023-Present

I work as a Communications Assistant in CED. In my fall semester, I created Instagram and Facebook posts, wrote and managed the weekly email to all students, and assisted with media. Over the Winter Term, CED hired an adult to do my job. My workload has decreased drastically, which is great because it was high during the fall semester.

Now, I generally support my boss in any way that she needs support. Mickayla is funny, kind, and honest, and I really like working with her. She doesn’t make me run silly errands, and we sometimes work together on media projects. I make Instagram posts, help around the office, and proofread her work. It is a nice, easy job. I would love to continue working for her. More than a boss, Mickayla is also a friend.


  • awesome boss
  • light workload
  • relatively good pay ($12.50)
  • consistent hours


  • work in an office
  • not very meaningful
Blogger, Office of Communications

October 2022-Present

What can I say about being a blogger? That’s a good question. I love being a blogger. It is the perfect job. I can write when I want to, and I can write about anything. No one edits or reviews my work. Students and prospies read my work and let me know when they do. My boyfriend discovered recently that I write about him, and then I was embarrassed because I was totally going to keep it a secret from him. 

It can be hard to motivate myself to write, but I have it blocked off to write 2-3 blog entries a month. Today, I want to tell you all about my campus jobs, and here we are!


  • writing (I love to write)
  • flexibility, freedom
  • high pay


  • very few inter-blogger meetings
  • hard to motivate sometimes
  • remote
Intern, Oberlin Community Services

October 2022-March 2023

I was a volunteer intern at Oberlin Community Services, so I did not get paid to be there. I enjoyed it a lot. The work was meaningful, and the staff was kind. I served as a receptionist/secretary; I filed data, answered phones, and directed queries. It was good practice for working in an office job. After a few weeks of that, I worked in the food pantry; I distributed food, gave it to people, and made food boxes. 

I would have continued working there for a while, but I could not establish a consistent schedule, and it was a big time commitment. I think that volunteering is really important, though, and it was such a nice break from the bustle of Oberlin College life.


  • meaningful work
  • kind staff


  • big time commitment

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have any questions. I encourage prospective students and Obies to apply for any jobs that seem interesting. It is great work experience and fulfilling to work with people that care about their job and students.

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