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Where I Met My Best Girlfriends

February 9, 2024

Natalie Frank ’26

 My girlfriends at Oberlin are the most important thing to me here, besides candles and those Oberlin bike stickers and Pyle Co-Op. Finding female friends can be challenging, especially when you are new to a space or not especially involved. In this blog, I’ll talk about where and how I met my five best girlfriends. From wine and crochet nights to rom-com movies to poker, I treasure these friendships and everything they bring to my life.

In no particular order.


Hanna is bubbly, smart, and hard-working. She worked at the Oberlin Review as an Opinions Editor and works as a barista at Slow Train and the Local. When she’s not making bagels or iced drinks, she is also a curator at the Allen Memorial Art Museum. 

Hanna is one of the coolest people I know at Oberlin. She is also one of the most Oberlin people I know. 2+ jobs? Check. Carries around a tote bag and crochets? Check. In a co-op? Check. 

I met Hanna in Pyle Co-Op. Layla told me so much about Hanna, and I did not expect to get as close to her as I did. We were both elected to be Dining Loose Ends Coordinators for Pyle in Fall 2023, a role where we led elections and discussions and monitored meals. Though neither of us is a DLEC anymore, we were in Italian Co-Op together and still hang out. She lives in French House with me, and we do crochet nights together. I love our friendship. <3

Three well-dressed girls at a ball
Layla (left) and Hanna (right).

Layla is funny, attentive, and humble. She is a Politics major, works at the Oberlin Review as a News Editor and at the Environmental Dashboard, and speaks nearly fluent French. Layla is constantly bouncing from meeting to meeting. She is multi-faceted, from creative writing to crocheting (notice a theme?) to involvement in Oberlin College life.

I met Layla at Monday Sundaes, a tradition we used to put on during my first year. Residential Life would fund three tubs of ice cream, toppings, and cones. My friends and I would gather around ~20 people to eat sundaes in one of Kahn Hall’s many kitchens. Often, this was a great speed-friending (platonic speed-dating) space. I met Layla over a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and we hit it off immediately. We are really close now, and I turn to her for advice on everything from my major to my love life to my political views. We are in Pyle Co-Op together, and we are also semi-involved in Jewish life on campus.


Where would my blog be without a mention of Julia Davis? Julia Davis is my best friend. She is my ride-or-die. She will be the bridesmaid at my wedding because my sister Rachel would shank me if she weren’t my maid of honor. 

Julia is friendly, energetic, passionate, and empathetic. She is silly all of the time, and she loves making new friends. When she gets excited about something, she’ll hop around the room like a bunny, and she has a chapstick collection that would probably rival EOS inventory. She is an Environmental Studies major, works at Rideline (Oberlin College Student Shuttle), and lives in French House with me. She is my roommate.

Mirror picture of a girl in a Batman costume and a Superwoman costume
Julia and I at a Tank party over Halloween.

Julia was my random roommate. We met over Discord, which is an embarrassing story. In the Oberlin 2026 Discord server two summers ago, I asked if anyone was in Kahn 118, and weeks later, a girl named Julia responded that she was. What are the chances? I requested to follow her on Instagram, hoping to stalk her. She didn’t accept my follow request for weeks, and weeks later when we became friends, I asked her why. I was anxious, she responded feebly, and I refuse to stop teasing her for it. Our early text conversations were dry and awkward in the way of two strangers about to be forced into close proximity.

When we met each other, it was love at first sight. She leapt down from her lofted bed and swept me in a hug that was definitely unfit for our nervous texting. Since just about day one, we were tied at the hip. We went to dozens of Orientation events, made many friends and left them behind days later as little first-years do, and became close. We still live together in French House. Between showering together (in different stalls) and eating Nutella with the same spoon, we are best friends.

Nora and I grinning at the camera
Nora and I before a circus show.

Nora is warm. She is very easy to be friends with. When I asked her if I could write about her in my blog, she told me to tell you all that she thought I was “very hot and pretty <3.” That is the kind of person Nora is: flirty, affectionate, and really kind. She is a Psychology and Neuroscience major. Over the summer, she works on a boat in Spain. At Oberlin, she is an aerialist in Oberlin Circus, and if you have ever seen her on the silks, you’ll know why she is one of the best.

Speaking of Circus, I met Nora there. As beautiful and lovely as she was, I was terrified to talk to her until our circus after-party. I know what you are thinking. A circus after-party? That is so lame cool! 

Well, wine made me bold. I approached her, and we became fast friends. After the party, we traded numbers, and it’s history now. Nora and I love our coffee/tea dates at the Local or Slow Train, especially with our friend Zoe (who is sadly studying abroad). We explored Warner Center at 10 pm, did a circus/pole dance/burlesque act together, and partied until we couldn’t anymore. Everyone needs a Nora in their life.

Laptop selfie of Ruby and I
Laptop selfie.

I first saw Ruby playing at Jazz Forum, a weekly music forum that is really popular at Oberlin. She was playing the drums and singing, and she looked like the most boss-ass girl I’d ever seen. Next semester, she attended one of OPole's pole trainings, and I asked her to get coffee with me. She is a Creative Writing student, along with Jazz Voice and Jazz Percussion. Talk about busy.

She got me coffee at Azzie’s, and we clicked. Since we met in October, we have hung out dozens of times. I’ve met her friends, and she’s met mine. We do fashion shows with her closet, watch Girls, go to Chabad, and enjoy movies together. Of all my friends, she has the best wardrobe. She is also incredibly devoted to music, and it shows in her performances. Between tea (gossip) and low-rise jeans, I feel thoroughly LA around her. 


I love all of my girlfriends. I think that everyone needs a dose of girl in their life, and I certainly get mine. If you are looking for where to make these girlfriends, I’d recommend student organizations, Oberlin College events, and co-ops. Most of all, get out there and ask interesting people to coffee. If they look cool or pretty or nice, take them to the Local! If they are really good at drumming or crocheting or writing, plan a movie night with them. Very few people ever sit down and declare, I’ve made enough friends—no more. 

I know I haven’t, and if you ever want to come to Circus, Pyle Co-Op, or Pole, I’ll be there as a friend. (:

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