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Oberlin’s Best Tradition: Monday Sundaes

November 12, 2022

Natalie Frank ’26

Thirteen people smiling around a pumpkin
Featuring the Ocean's Eleven of sundaes (plus two)

Oberlin has many delightful traditions. For instance, the Full Moon Jellyfish Festival, where people dress as jellyfish, sing Jewish songs, and dance through campus. Or the mirror selfies taken in the first-floor women's restroom of Wilder Hall. There is cramming into DeCafé after the end of a long day to take advantage of one last meal swipe with too many snacks. Oberlin is a wealth of people from different places who like doing weird and fun things.

Well, my friends and I decided to add one more weird and fun thing. Matthew, my best friend’s roommate, suggested it first. What if every Monday night we would host Monday Sundaes? (Yes, I capitalized that, and my trademark is pending.) The execution of our tradition was simple: one of us from our group of six would buy ice cream, toppings, and sauce for Monday night at 9:30 pm. On that first Monday night, we huddled in the Kahn piano room, our mismatched bowls clinking together as we served each other ice cream. We had vanilla and mint ice cream, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and coconut flakes. We fancied ourselves a Papa's Freezeria (in Ohio). Our group chat had six people.

Now, at least 20 people pack into the Kahn kitchen, sharing Maraschino cherries, chocolate ice cream, and strawberry syrup. I pile whipped cream over my cup and drop butterscotch chips on the top. The ice cream to toppings ratio is 1:20. Our customer base inflates every week. And sure, everyone in that room knows that our precious hour eats away at reading time and sleep, but Monday Sundaes keep us sane. After three classes and the beginning of a long week, Monday Sundaes are what I look forward to at the end of the day. 

Oberlin traditions are what makes Oberlin, Oberlin. I can’t tell you how many more little traditions we have or will make, but until then, I will continue to grab my ceramic mug and plastic spoon and eat a disgustingly large amount of whipped cream every Monday night. And if you like sundaes, we still need someone to bring sprinkles. 

Ice cream toppings in a bowl
Where's Waldo: Ice Cream edition. (Plot twist: there's no ice cream. It's just toppings.)


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