International Student and Scholar Services

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Oberlin’s ESOL Program

Oberlin offers non-remedial courses designed to assist students in developing English for academic purposes which count toward degree completion.

Oberlin ESOL Courses

ESOL 110 Level 1 Reading Writing and Grammar and ESOL 115 English for Speakers of Other Languages; Speaking, Listening and Culture
Two courses, taken concurrently, designed for students who are non-native speakers of English and whose experience using English for academic purposes is limited. ESOL 110 focuses on academic reading, writing and grammar; ESOL 115 focuses on speaking, listening and academic culture.

ESOL 120 Level 2
A multi-skills course designed to build upon the skills developed in ESOL 110 & 115 and to increase mastery of English for academic purposes at the upper-intermediate levels.

ESOL 130 Level 3
A multi-skills course designed for the advanced student to prepare for full academic participation. This course focuses on the use of English for academic purposes, specifically related to building skills for academic writing.

For questions about ESOL courses or the ESOL program at Oberlin, contact Larissa Fekete.