International Student Resource Center

International students seated in a lecture hall
Photo credit: William Rieter

At the International Student Resource Center, a holistic approach empowers students to actively focus on the ongoing processes of self-exploration and reflection. Throughout their time at Oberlin, we provide students with direct guidance in order to help them reach their long-term personal and professional aspirations.

  • Developmental Advising: The center offers one-on-one advising appointments and educational programs on a wide variety of subjects: academic research opportunities, curricular and cocurricular initiatives, career readiness workshops, and more.
  • Community Building: The center organizes outreach programs to address issues related to cultural adjustment, internationalization, and the impact of the current U.S. political and social climate. The center also targets helping international students form strong and lasting bonds with each other, and with the greater Oberlin community.
  • Visa Regulation and Immigration paperwork: This includes issuing and reviewing F-1 visa documents, addressing questions related to visa status, Social Security numbers, taxation, and employment in the United States.