Office of Residence Life

First Year Housing

We are thrilled to welcome you to Oberlin College and are looking forward to your arrival on campus. As you prepare for your first year at Oberlin, we have several housing options available to suit your needs. We encourage you to review the information provided on our website for important details about each option.

To apply for housing, please visit the Housing Portal and follow the application instructions. Please note that there are important dates to keep in mind, such as the housing application deadline and move-in dates, also available on our website.

We are committed to ensuring that all our students have a safe and comfortable living experience at Oberlin. If you have any questions about our housing options, please do not hesitate to contact the Residence Life Office for assistance.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home at Oberlin College.

Apply Here: Oberlin Housing Portal/Application

Disability Accommodation Process


Students with disabilities may apply for housing and dining accommodations to request reasonable modifications. The College requires supporting documentation from an appropriately licensed professional that identifies the student's disability-related barriers to access and how the requested accommodation will mitigate or remove those barriers.  Complete Details Available Here 

Application Process

Deadline- June 1, 2023

Students applying for a disability accommodation must still complete the Housing Application. If granted an accommodation, you will receive notice from the Office of Disability and Access. Students with accommodations will be assigned housing based on their accommodations and preferences provided in this application.

Accommodation housing assignments will be sent via email in June. 

Commuter and Other Exemptions Process


Commuter and other exemption statuses do not carry over from year to year, and students must reapply yearly. For complete details and requirements, visit Housing Exemptions. 

  • Age Exemption- Students who are 23 years or older by January 2 of the academic year in which the exemption applies to them.
  • Commuter Exemption- Students who live with their parents or guardians and commute from their parents or guardians' primary home within a 50 mile radius of Oberlin and have a minimum of six (6) months established residency
    • Required Documentation-Copy of the parent/legal guardian’s driver’s license or state-issued identification, showing a matching address and a Utility bill with the guardian's name and address that is six months prior to the date of the request. 
  • Marriage Exemption- Students married by legal commitment and married to an individual who is a non-Oberlin student.
    • Required Documentation- Copy of Marriage Certificate by August 15 for upcoming fall semester requests and December 15 for upcoming spring semester requests.
  • Dependent Exemption- Students who are the primary caregiver for an underage dependent.
    • Required Documentation- Most recent year's complete income tax form listing children who were claimed as dependents by the student.
  • Part-Time Student Status-Students enrolled for five credit hours or less. The exemption will not be granted until after the add/drop period at which time eligibility will be verified.
    • Required Documentation-Copy of the Part-Time Approval Form. 


Complete the Housing Application and the Exemption Section 

Upload all required supporting documentation

Deadline- June 1, 2023

Identity & Language-Based Communities (ILBC) and Theme Housing Process


Open to any student that meets the requirements of the specific community. 

  • Theme Housing Information and Requirements
  • Identity and Language-Based Communities Information and Requirements

Deadline- June 1, 2023

If approved, placement confirmation will be sent in mid-June.  If placed in a community, the student will be removed from the First-Year Lottery Process. 

If a student isn't approved for an ILBC or Theme placement, they will be eligible to select housing through the First-Year Housing Lottery in late June. 

First-Year Housing Lottery Process


First-Year students who didn’t receive a housing placement through an earlier housing process(Accommodations, Theme, ILBC) will be assigned a lottery time to participate in the Housing Lottery in late June, 2023. Lottery times are randomly assigned to individuals who have applied by the June 1st deadline. 

Deadline- June 1, 2023

The First-Year Housing Lottery is tentatively scheduled for late June. Lottery timeslots will be emailed to applicants’ Oberlin email.  During their scheduled lottery time, applicants will return to the Housing Portal to select their room. 

Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA)

Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) has four housing & dining co-ops and one dining-only co-op, which includes one dining safe space and one program hall. As a member of OSCA, you may choose from both room & board and board-only options

To apply, visit the OSCA Website

If you have any questions about co-op membership, contact the OSCA office (in the Tank apartment) 440-775-8108 or, email them at


Oberlin Student Cooperative Association is an independent student-run housing option that is not part of Oberlin College Housing. 

For information about selecting roommates in the Housing Portal, please review the Guide to Roommate Groups.