From large and traditional to small and cozy, single-sex to coed, traditional dorm to cooperative community, Oberlin provides a wide range of residential options to suit the varied personalities and interests of its students.

Aerial view of Village Housing and the college track
Photo credit: John Petersen

Oberlin’s residence hall system includes traditional residence halls, identity based / language / living-learning communities, theme communities, co-operative residences, apartments, and private houses. Oberlin has no fraternities or sororities.

Students living in college-owned housing are required to keep the facilities in good condition. During the check-out process, students will be charged if damage has occurred. All students have the right to contest charges if they feel they were charged improperly and had previously checked in properly. Students relocating during the semester have 30 days from the date of their move to appeal charges.  

Any student not in Oberlin Student Cooperative Association (OSCA) wishing to contest housing charges must complete the check-out charge appeal form on our Spring Closing web page.

At the end of the fall semester, winter term, and spring semester check-outs, students must submit appeals within 30 days of receiving the ResEd email of check out charges.

OSCA housing appeals should be submitted via email .

Starting Fall 2017, all students who enroll for the first time after the Spring 2017 term will have a standard Residential Education housing rate each year regardless of the housing type.

Oberlin College provides a variety of housing opportunities and wishes each student equal opportunity to experience as many of our unique communities as possible. This new housing fee structure will provide all students with equal opportunity to select any housing type to which they qualify.

2019-20 Housing Rates (Class of 2021 and Later)
Housing Type Occupancy Semester Annual
All Residential Education Housing One or multiple