Office of Residence Life

Thematic Communities

As part of an effort by Residence Life to provide a multitude of housing options that meet the needs of our students from many different walks of life, communities exist across campus that cover a wide variety of interests that our students hold. Students may only be placed into these communities after completing an application for their interested space. These communities include the First-Gen Community (Burton 1st Floor East Wing), Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall (2nd Floor Noah Hall), Substance Free Hall (3rd Floor Noah Hall), and Noise-Reduced Floors (4th Floor Noah Hall & 4th Floor Burton Hall). 

The communites in Noah Hall are overseen by the professional staff over the Language, Identity, and Thematic Experience (LITE) cluster. The communities in Burton Hall are overseen by the professional staff over the Traditional Housing cluster.

Fall 2023 Theme Creation Process

The process to propose a new themed community for the Fall 2024/Spring 2025 academic year has closed for this academic year. Please look out for the materials to reopen for the Fall 2025/Spring 2026 academic year in the Fall!