Office of Residential Education


A variety of services are available for Oberlin students including the ability to borrow telephones, rent a POD or mini-fridge.

For any problems with your ID Card, including lost ID cards, Obie Dollars and access to buildings:

Visit ID Card Office

For any maintenance issues that you may have, please submit a work order to Facilities Operations.

Submit a Work Order

Oberlin does not provide on-campus storage. The following vendors are not affiliated with Oberlin College and are private companies.

Bring storage to you:

Dorm Room Movers - Full service storage & shipping solutions including pickup & delivery.

Local Storage Facilities


The UPS Store : Full service shipping, including pick-up.  They sell boxes, tape and packing materials.  Located downtown Oberlin.   Alumni-owed and operated since 2001.

  • Call 440-774-7447  or  866-315-7447 (toll free)

Wellington Self-Storage
Phone: 440-647-5151

Sparkle Store-All Mini Storage
Phone: 800-332-3033


West Ridge Self-Storage
Phone: 440-323-9427

SpareFoot Storage Finder

  • SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage. With over 10,000 facilities nationwide, they make it easy to find storage in OH
  • 15% discount upon move-in of any storage unit booked through their website

Bike Storage

Bike Storage is provided on-campus in the basements of Burton and Noah for periods between fall and spring term, including summer break.

Bikes must be registered with Campus Safety. Storage is first come, first served basis. No appointment is necessary.

Bike Storage for the end of Fall Term will take place:

Noah Bike Storage- January 18th 9am-12pm or until full

Burton Bike Storage- January 19th 9am-12pm or until full

Bikes may be stored during the December shutdown in your room as long as it does not block egress. If you are not returning to campus in January and need to store your bike, please contact Heather Shadle at

If you have any questions about bike storage, please email Heather Shadle at

Small, individual moving/storage containers, commonly referred to as PODS, are a convenient option for Oberlin students to use when planning for arrival on campus, summer storage, and or departure from campus at the end of an academic year.

All arrangements for delivery and pick-up of the container must be made by the student and or family of the student.

Container size should be limited to those accommodating 1-1.5 rooms, typically 7'-8' in length (exact measurements vary by company).

Regardless of the drop-off location (details below), students are required to inform Facility Operations of the planned date and time of the container delivery and pick-up.

  • Containers can be delivered to campus 24-72 hours prior to student's approved arrival/move-in date
  • Containers must be picked up within 24-72 hours of the arrival/move-in date of the student
  • For planning purposes, housing assignments are typically finalized by the beginning of August
  • Containers can be delivered on campus 24-72 hours prior to student's approved departure/move-out date
  • Containers must be picked up within 24-72 hours of the departure/move-out of the student
Location Options
  • Students living in Village Housing can have containers delivered to the driveway at their house street address
  • Students living in traditional residence halls, OSCA housing, Firelands, or Union-Goldsmith housing must use one of the following locations:
    • Union-Goldsmith Housing Parking Lot: 284 North Professor Street, Oberlin, OH 44074
      • Recommended for Union-Goldsmith and north campus residence halls
    • Woodland Street Parking Lot: 124 Woodland Street, Oberlin, OH 44074
      • Recommended for central campus residence halls
    • Gray Gables Parking Lot: 149 West College Street, Oberlin, OH 44074
      • Recommended for central and south campus residence halls
Moving/Storage Container Providers

** The following is not a comprehensive list of all companies available for moving/storage container services. You may choose any company for these services that best fits your needs. Prices and policies vary by company. This list is not an endorsement of services but a list of known service providers. Oberlin is not responsible for any arrangement made with these companies for your storage and or moving needs.

Bedloft provides Oberlin students with the opportunity to rent a microfridge or fridge for their rooms. The microfridge is Energy Star rated with a special switching system that saves energy and eases electrical draw preventing breakers from tripping. This is the only microfridge allowed in the residence halls. At least one Community refrigerator and microwave is provided in the kitchenette areas of each residence hall.

The microfridge comes with a 600-watt microwave oven, full freezer, and a refrigerator in one, compact unit. Microfridges are permitted in the following buildings:

  • All of Village Housing (Union Street, 137 Elm Street, Firelands, and Residential Houses)
  • Bailey (French House)
  • Burton
  • Harvey (Spanish House)
  • Kade (German House)
  • Kahn (First Year Experience-Sustainability)
  • Lord-Saunders (Afrikan Heritage House)
  • Noah
  • Price (Third World House)
  • Quadrangle (Asia House)
  • Zechiel Hall  

The fridge comes with 2.9 cubic feet of storage capacity and a full freezer.  Fridges (without microwaves) are permitted in all residence halls and village housing.

Students may preorder their MicroFridge by July to guarantee delivery to their room before move-in day, but may continue to order after July (quantities are limited). MicroFridges may also be rented on move-in day, but quantities will be limited.

Additional Information or to Place an Order

Please Note: Oberlin does not provide microfridge or fridge rentals. This vendor is not affiliated with Oberlin College and is a private company.

Students in college housing are provided with basic telephone service that includes on-campus and local calling free of charge. Students who bring their own phones to campus will need to plug a phone into the telephone jack, then contact the Telephone Office to set up service. The only restriction on personal phones is that 2.4 GHz cordless telephones are not permitted, as they interfere with wireless data networks.

Students may also borrow a handset from the Office of Residential Education (Griswold Commons, Stevenson Hall) at no charge for the academic year.

Voicemail is available free of charge to all students. Students desiring this service should contact the telephone office.

Students are not allowed to receive collect phone calls. If a student is found to have accepted collect charges, they may be subject to disciplinary action and will be required to pay accrued charges.

Oberlin does not provide personal property or renters insurance. The college recommends that students consult a parent/guardian's homeowner insurance to see what the policy covers when the student goes to college or that they purchase supplementary renters insurance.   

The following vendors are not affiliated with Oberlin College and are private companies:

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co
College Students Renters Insurance

NSSI - Worth Ave. Group
College Plus: Personal Property Insurance
Electronic Brochure