Date Event
1/24/2020 Deadline for meal plan changes to take effect on 2/1/2020
1/29/2020 College Housing opens for new students
  • New Student Orientation begins 
  • Early Arrival check-in begins
  • College Housing opens for returning students at 9:00am EST 
  • Spring semester board program begins at breakfast
2/3/2020 Spring semester classes begin
2/14/2020 Deadline for meal plan change requests for the spring semester. (Changes take effect on 2/17/2020
2/17/2020 Spring semester room change process begins
2/27/2020 On-Campus Housing Fair in the Carnegie Root Room from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
3/2 /2020 - 3/20/2020 General Housing Registration for Fall 2020
3/13/2020 General Housing Registration on-time deadline for applications. All Identity-Based, Language, Theme, and Living Learning Community applications are due
3/21/2020 Spring recess begins. College housing remains open
3/29/2020 Spring recess ends. 
4/27/2020 Spring semester room change process ends
5/8/2020 Classes End
5/9/2020 - 5/12/2020 Reading Period
5/13/2020 Exam Period begins
5/17/2020 Spring Semester ends. Board program ends at dinner
5/18/2020 All students must vacate housing

*Please note students must be out 24 hours after their last exam or Monday, May 18th at 9 am (whichever comes first).


Date Event
7/17/2019 Department Early Arrival requests deadline
7/19/2019 Personal Early Arrival requests deadline
8/1/2019 Mail Room will start receiving student shipments/packages
8/15/2019 Department Early Arrival check-in begins

Meal plan change for fall semester deadline (takes effect Aug 31)

8/24/2019 New student Personal Early Arrival check-in begins
8/26/2019 Residence Halls Open for New Students
• Lunch will be the first meal on board
8/29/2020 Returning student Personal Early Arrival check-in begins
8/31/2019 Residence Halls Open for Returning Students
9/2/2019 Labor Day (no classes)
9/3/2019 Fall Semester begins
9/13/2019 Meal plan change for fall semester deadline (takes effect Sept. 16)
9/16/2019 Fall semester room change process begins
10/1/2019 - 10/17/2019 Off-campus Application Period
10/2/2019 Off-Campus Housing Fair
10/9/2019 Yom Kippur (no classes)
9/30/2019 - 10/14/2019 • VA Application Period for Fall 2019
• RA Application Period for Spring 2019
10/15/2019 Off-campus registration deadline
10/19/2019 Fall break begins (College housing remains open)
10/28/2019 (Week of) Off-campus notifications for 2020-21 academic year
11/4/2019 Off-campus acceptances for 2020-21 academic year due
11/5/2019 - 11/20/2019 Return from leave for spring 2020 application registration period
11/8/2019 - 11/10/2019 Parent and Family Weekend
11/28/2019 - 12/1/2019 Thanksgiving break (College housing remains open, board meals provided)
12/12/2019 Classes End
12/13/2019 - 12/16/2019 Reading period
12/17/2019 - 12/21/2019 Exam period
12/21/2019 Fall semester ends (board program ends at dinner)
12/22/2019 • All Residence Halls close (including village housing)
• Students not enrolling for winter term and/or spring semester must vacate their rooms by 9 a.m.
12/22/2019 Housing assignment notifications for those returning from leave for spring 2020


Winter Term Important Dates
Date Event
1/2/2020 College housing opens at 12:00pm noon
1/3/2020 Winter term begins
1/4/2020 Optional dining begins (additional cost)
1/20/2020 Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
1/24/2020 • Deadline for spring semester personal early arrival requests
• Deadline for meal plan change to take effect on Feb. 1
1/28/2020 Winter Term Ends
1/29/2020 Students not enrolled spring 2020 must vacate their room by 9am