Office of Residential Education

Housing Exemptions

The following exemptions allow students to qualify for off-campus status even without six semesters of residence.

Students must complete the Exemption Form .

Exemption Application Process

Students must complete the exemption form and the appropriate application from the list below.

Student Type Application
New Students
Transfer Students
Continuing/Returning Students

The deadlines for accommodations, are set by the Student Accessibility Services.

Types of Exemptions

Students who are 23 years old or older by August 1st, 2023.

Please complete the exemption form if you wish to be a part of this exemption. No additional documentation is required for the age exemption.

Students who live with their parents or guardians and commute from their parents or guardians' primary home within a fifty (50) mile radius of Oberlin and have a minimum of six (6) months established residency.


  • Complete the Commuter Exemption Form 
  • A copy of the parent/legal guardian’s driver’s license or state-issued identification, showing a matching address and
  • Utility bills from permanent address for six months prior to date of request.

Students married by legal commitment and who are married to an individual who is a non-Oberlin student.

Copy of Marriage Certificate by August 15 for upcoming fall semester requests and December 15 for upcoming spring semester request.

Students who are the primary care-giver for an underage, dependent child defined as:

  • the student's child or stepchild;
  • having the same principal residence as the student;
  • under the age of 18 or permanently and totally disabled; and
  • unable to provide more than one-half of their own support.

Most recent year's complete income tax form listing children who were claimed as dependents by the student.

  • Students enrolled for 5 credit hours or less.
  • Students must provide a copy of the part-time approval form. Exemption will not be granted until after the add/drop period at which time eligibility will be verified.