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Leaves, Withdrawal, Reinstatement

Oberlin allows for leaves and withdrawals from the college and conservatory that might pertain to academic, personal, and or medical circumstances. We also make provisions for returning to and or being reinstated to the college and conservatory after a period of absence.

Students who participate in off-campus study options not conducted by Oberlin College itself are classified as being on an academic leave of absence. Student applications for leaves are processed by the Director of International Student Programs and granted by the Off-Campus Study Committee before a student’s departure from Oberlin. The Office of Study Away handles off-campus programs and academic leaves.

Office of Study Away

Students who wish to take a leave from Oberlin for a health-related condition need to apply for a medical leave of absence through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Office of the Dean of Students

Students should carefully review the following important information:

Students who wish to pursue primarily non-academic activities away from Oberlin may apply for a personal leave of absence through the Academic Advising Resource Center. The personal leave deadline for a subsequent semester is the Friday prior to the last day of classes. A late fee will be assessed for personal leaves requested after the deadline. The deadline to request a spring 2024 leave without the late fee is Friday, December 8.

Students should carefully review the following important information:

    Please submit your completed and signed form to Once your form is submitted, please schedule an appointment with an AARC assistant dean at the following link:  Self Schedule Link. That appointment should be no later than two weeks after form submittal.

    Requests for extensions of personal leaves should be made in writing to Students who fail to return from a personal leave without making arrangements will be withdrawn and will be required to apply for reinstatement to return to the college.

      Download and complete/print:  Personal Leave of Absence form

      Students who wish to withdraw permanently from Oberlin College must meet with an Assistant Dean for Student Support in the Academic Advising Resource Center to begin the withdrawal process. Please call 440.775.8450 or stop in during office hours to make an appointment.  Conservatory and double-degree students should first consult their principal advisors and the associate dean of the conservatory. All students who receive financial aid from Oberlin College must consult with the Office of Financial Aid before withdrawing.

      The deadline to initiate a withdrawal for a current semester is end of business hours on the last day of class.

      Students returning from Academic Leave

      No action is needed to return.

      Students returning from Medical Leave

      A student on medical leave must submit a reinstatement form to the Academic Advising Resource Center in addition to the Student Application to Return from MLOA and the Health Care Provider Assessment and Recommendation form. Please visit the Dean of Students website for information on the return from medical leave process.

       View Reinstatement Process 

      Students Returning from Personal Leave

      The Academic Advising Resource Center/Office of the Registrar will contact you and ask you to submit a form to confirm your plans to re-enroll in the upcoming semester. This will allow campus offices to prepare for your return. Once the Office of the Registrar receives confirmation of your plans, you will receive information on registration and you will be able to proceed with participation in housing selection

      Students returning from Academic Suspension

      In order to return to Oberlin, a student who has been suspended must submit a reinstatement form to the Academic Advising Resource Center.  This must be done in conjunction with the return requirements detailed in the original letter of suspension.

      Students returning from Withdrawal

      In order to return to Oberlin, a student who has been withdrawn must submit a reinstatement form to the Academic Advising Resource Center.  Students who have withdrawn from Oberlin and seek readmission may not transfer credit for courses taken at other institutions while withdrawn.

      View Reinstatement Process