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Winter Term Micro-Internship FAQ

    Is the Center for Career Exploration and Development the only place I can go with questions about Winter Term?

    Although Career Exploration and Development (CED) has information and opportunities for Winter Term, you should first talk with your academic advisor about your ideas and plans. In addition, the Office of Winter Term offers information regarding group and individual projects, faculty sponsors, requirements, deadlines, funding, and more.

    If you are considering a Winter Term micro-internship, CED staff can help. 

    How do I choose a project or micro-internship?

    Considering potential projects for Winter Term can be overwhelming. It's a good idea to talk with your academic advisor if you're having trouble narrowing down your options for a project. If you are interested in a micro-internship, you can:

    • Visit CED drop-in hours (when available) for help applying for micro-internships through Handshake.
    • Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss strategies for arranging your own micro-internship.
    • Attend the Winter Term Fair on Tuesday, September 12. Career Exploration and Development staff will be there to share more information about the program and answer questions.
    When should I get started?

    Although it's never too early to think about possible Winter Term projects, September is a good time to:

    • Visit the Office of Winter Term's Winter Term Guide for information about individual, group, and international projects.
    • Start talking with your academic advisor and prospective project sponsors.

    If you plan to apply for a micro-internship, you can begin searching for opportunities on Handshake in early September. Many postings will be available by the Winter Term Fair on Tuesday, September 12 and will continue to be posted through Friday, October 6. It is a good idea to use Career Exploration and Development drop-in hours to work on resumes and cover letters, as well as get familiar with Handshake if you haven't already. 

    How can Career Exploration and Development staff help me?

    Career Exploration and Development (CED) helps in the following ways:

    • Searching for micro-internships through Handshake
    • Guidance on your resume and cover letter
    • Talking through your ideas for a Winter Term micro-internship
    • Applying to micro-internships and navigating the process of accepting and/or declining micro-internship offers within a narrow timeframe
    • Sponsoring Winter Term micro-internships

    Stop by during drop-in hours to talk with a Peer Career Advisor about these and other topics. 

    Where does Career Exploration and Development find Winter Term micro-internships?

    Each year, Oberlin alumni working at various organizations contact CED to share Winter Term opportunities. These micro-internships are designed to reflect a shorter duration than a more traditional internship while providing the training, mentorship, and experience that make an internship substantive and meaningful. Most—but not all—micro-internships are posted by Oberlin alumni, who may or may not serve as the internship supervisor.


    How do I apply to Winter Term micro-internships on Handshake?

    Students must submit a resume and cover letter when they apply to each micro-internship. Additionally, some employers ask for references, writing samples, a transcript, or other materials. It's important to read internship descriptions carefully for application requirements and qualifications. We strongly encourage students to have their resumes and cover letters reviewed by a Peer Career Advisor during Career Exploration and Development drop-in hours.

    Should I apply to more than one micro-internship?

    We encourage students to apply to more than one micro-internship, since some opportunities are competitive. Students should only apply to micro-internships that interest them, and also consider opportunities that offer exposure to new experiences. Many students apply to 3–5 micro-internships.

    I applied to a micro-internship; what's next?

    Some - but not all - employers conduct phone interviews with applicants. It is very important to check your email and voicemail daily and respond to employers' messages within 24 hours. Visit the Career Exploration and Development website for interview tips. We strongly recommend sending a follow-up thank you email to the employer after your interview.

    Some employers may extend offers to candidates based solely on their application materials. If you find yourself in this situation, don't hesitate to send a follow-up email or request a phone call to ask questions and make sure this is the right opportunity for you.

    I received an offer! What do I need to consider before accepting?

    Career Exploration and Development (CED) strongly advises students to research the organization, read the micro-internship description thoroughly, and ask questions during the interview to ensure the internship is a good fit. Before accepting an offer, consider all factors, including housing, meals, travel, and transportation expenses, especially if the internship is in an unfamiliar city. Please read CED's Reneging Statement.

    The deadline to secure a micro-internship is Friday, November 17 (which is also the deadline to register for Winter Term).

    I've realized that I cannot participate in the micro-internship after I already accepted the offer! What should I do?

    As soon as possible, notify Career Exploration and Development at Please reach out to your contact at the organization to inform them of your decision (and be sure to apologize for the inconvenience!). You are not obligated to share details about your situation. The Career Exploration and Development team will follow up with the organization.

    Once I have accepted a Winter Term micro-internship, how do I register for Winter Term?

    After accepting a Winter Term micro-internship, please complete the Winter Term Micro-Internship Information Form by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 17. CED will submit your information to the Office of Winter Term, who will register you for CED's Winter Term Micro-Internship group project; you do not need to create your own Winter Term application. The Office of Winter Term will send you the paperwork required of all Winter Term participants.

    We encourage students to do their best to secure a micro-internship by Friday, November 17, as this is the last day to apply and request funding for Winter Term. However, we understand that many factors may prevent this, including delays in hearing back from employers or looking for a place to stay during the micro-internship. If you are concerned that you may not be able to secure an internship by the deadline, please keep us updated at You may still be able to register for Winter Term, but will not be eligible to apply for funding.

    I applied to one or micro-internships, but I didn’t receive any offers. What should I do?

    Because many Winter Term micro-internships are competitive, not all students who apply may receive an offer. We recommend working with your academic advisor ahead of time to identify one or more backup projects. If you find yourself without a micro-internship, contact the Office of Winter Term for help arranging an alternative project. 

    I accepted a Winter Term micro-internship; what's next?

    Congratulations! If you plan to be sponsored by Career Exploration and Development, please complete the Winter Term Micro-Internship Information Form by Friday, November 17 at 5:00 p.m. On or after Monday, November 20, you will receive an email with details about next steps.

    If another employer contacts you about your application, graciously inform them by phone or email that you already accepted another micro-internship offer. It is helpful for the employer to know your status as soon as possible, so they can reach out to other applicants.

    Is funding available for micro-internship-related expenses?

    Students participating in the CED Winter Term micro-internship group project are eligible to apply for up to $1,000 in funding to help defray costs associated with a micro-internship. Complete the 2024 Winter Term Internship Information and Financial Assistance Application (IIFAA) Form by Friday, November 17 at 5:00 p.m. and complete the funding questions to be considered.

    Will remote opportunities be available for Winter Term 2024?

    Employers may offer Winter Term micro-internships that are in-person, fully remote, or hybrid (a combination of both). Each posting will state whether remote work is available, and students should always discuss work location/flexibility before accepting an internship offer. Please keep in mind that work arrangements may change on short notice based on state and/or local public health guidelines.

    Who will be my Winter Term micro-internship sponsor?

    Career Exploration and Development (CED) is available to sponsor your Winter Term micro-internship. CED-sponsored Winter Term interns will be required to complete an e-Portfolio designed to enhance and integrate their experience.  It is also strongly recommended that students attend a session of the Navigating the Internship Process workshop.

    Students who do not wish to participate in the CED group project may ask any faculty or staff member to sponsor their Winter Term micro-internships. For help identifying a sponsor, students may contact their academic advisor or the Office of Winter Term.

    What are my responsibilities before/during/after the micro-internship?

    The deadline to register for Winter Term is Friday, November 17. If you plan to be sponsored by Career Exploration and Development (CED), complete the 2024 Winter Term Internship Information and Financial Assistance Application (IIFAA) Form by Friday, November 17, and CED will submit your information to the Office of Winter Term. You will need to complete a participation agreement and emergency contact form (which you will receive from the Office of Winter Term) to complete your registration.

    CED-sponsored Winter Term interns will be required to complete an e-Portfolio designed to enhance and integrate their experience. 

    Can a faculty member sponsor me for a Winter Term micro-internship I found through Career Exploration and Development?

    No. Students participating in a micro-internship sourced by CED are required to be a part of our group project and sponsored by our office.

    This information is presented for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified tax professional. 

    For international students, funding awards through CED's Winter Term Micro-Internship program are subject to taxation. Only some students will be taxed at the same rate (or at all), so international students must complete tax forms in a web-based software called Sprintax Calculus.

    Awarded international students will receive an email notification from Human Resources regarding their Sprintax account and required forms. The information provided in these forms will determine the taxability of the requested award amount. 

    Other Questions

    For additional help with Winter Term-related questions, please contact: