Important Announcement

There will be three distinct winter term periods this year for arts and sciences and double-degree students. Offerings are specifically designed for each class year to strengthen cohort ties, build relevant skills, and engage imaginations during periods when students are not in academic session.  Please see our update page for more information.  

Room 124

Exterior view of Carnegie Hall
Photo credit: Kevin G Reeves

Every January, Oberlin's four-week long winter term encourages and enables students to discover the value of self-directed education. During winter term, students may choose to pursue projects that are directly linked to their field of study or explore opportunities unrelated to their major.

Students can participate in on- or off-campus intensive group projects offered by faculty and staff. Or, students may develop independent study or research projects, complete internships, or undertake rigorous personal development projects.

Advising Sessions

The winter term office wants to help you make the most of your winter term experience!  Through one-on-one advising sessions, we can assist you in determining the project that best suits your interests and goals.

30-minute individual advising appointments are available. Schedule your appointment.

If the available advising times don’t suit your schedule, send email to and we will be glad to help you find a different appointment time.