Career Exploration and Development

Fund Descriptions

Funding through the Career Development Center is available for unpaid, off-campus, full-time experiences sponsored by an established nonprofit organization, for-profit employer or government agency. Pre-professional experiences (such as research and performance opportunities) must be substantial in intensity, although the length may vary. Funding can only be applied to travel, transportation, housing, food, and utility expenses related to the experience. 

In honor of their 50th reunion and in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Commencement speech at Oberlin in 1965, the class of 1965 has established this fund to provide financial support for very high-need students to participate in low- or unpaid career-related experiences. The classes of 1966 and 1967 have dedicated their 50th reunion gifts as a continuation of the class of 1965's initiative and good work.

These experiences, which include but are not limited to internships, performance opportunities for musicians, research across fields/disciplines, and pre-professional employment, should promote the student's professional development with meaningful career-building exposure. Students may use a portion of their award to cover their summer earnings expectation listed on their financial aid package from Oberlin and to offset lost summer earnings.


  • Students from all classes (including graduating seniors) and all majors

  • Must qualify for a Pell grant (for U.S. students) or have a comparable financial situation (for international students)

This fund was created to promote idealism and a dedication to political activism, particularly in the realm of peace organizing. It is intended specifically for students participating in peace-oriented activities, organizing to promote reallocation of resources to non-military needs, and "anti-war" projects in the United States. Students can intern with an established organization or pursue an independent project sponsored by an established organization that focuses on the areas listed above.


  • Second and third-year students from all majors. Priority will be given to students with domestic anti-war proposals.

Mr. Gittler's commitment to the Ohio branch of the American Civil Liberties Union extended over 25 years and he served in every leadership position within the organization. This fund, named in his honor, is intended to provide financial support to students who pursue internships with agencies and other organizations that work on issues related to civil liberties.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors.

  • Priority will be given to students with serious interest in civil liberties.

  • Students with demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply.

The Godlove Rubin family established this fund to support students involved in summer internships at nonprofit organizations focused on public interest or government agencies.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors

The purpose of these funds is to enable student(s) to perform community service or unpaid internships by providing financial support to assist with travel, transportation, housing, food and utility expenses while the student participates in the experience.

Career Development Center funds include the Class of 1968 Endowed Leadership Award, Peter Goldsmith Endowed Internship Fund, Young Alumni Internship Fund, Oberlin Social Capital Fund for Internships, Mehri Family Social Justice Award Fund*, Philips Family Student Experience Support Fund, Panitch Family Internship Fund*, Shireen Quadir Internship Fund, Rachel J. Manning '14 Endowed Internship Fund, and Oberlin Career Development Center Endowed Internship Fund.


  • First, second and third-year students from all majors
  • Graduating seniors (funds marked with * only)

The purpose of the Fund is to support Conservatory and double-degree students who undertake pre-professional music training programs, including festivals, institutes, master classes, and young artist programs.  

  • Conservatory and double-degree students of all classes (including graduating seniors)

The purpose of the Fund is to support a student who undertakes a summer internship or pre-professional experience.  In addition to travel, food and housing, awards from this fund may also cover festival fees and/or program registration fees.


  • Students of all classes (including graduating seniors) and from all majors
  • Preference will be given to students of color with financial need

The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support for internships in the Global Health Integrative Concentration. 


  • Sophomores and juniors who have declared a concentration in Global Health.
  • Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need