Career Exploration and Development

Apply for Summer Funding

The summer funding application deadline was Friday, April 1, and all of the available funds have been awarded for Summer 2022. 

The 2022 Summer Funding Application comprises multiple pages. It must be completed in one sitting, so please make sure you are prepared to answer all the questions before you start! 

The required information and documents include:

Information about the organization and experience
  • Organization name, address, and website
  • Contact information for your supervisor (if available)
Essays and documents
  • Essay responses: Please limit each essay response to 300 words. Upload a single PDF with your responses to the three essay questions below. The document should be named "LastName_FirstName_Essays.pdf"
    • Describe the organization and how you will be involved.  (If your internship has a position description, you can include it here.)
    • Share a brief overview of your career interests and future goals.
    • Explain how this summer experience will enhance your career readiness and skills.
  • Resume (must be in PDF format and follow this naming format:  "LastName_FirstName_Resume.pdf")
  • Statement of financial need (optional)
Budget information

You will be asked to enter a total dollar amount, as well as cite sources for projected expenses, which may include:

  • Travel (travel to and from internship location: plane train, bus, car, etc.)
  • Daily transportation (Transit pass, carpool, etc.)
  • Meals (ranging from $95/week in lower-cost areas to $125/week in higher-cost areas)
  • Housing and utilities (using credible websites such as Airbnb, Renthop, or other rental websites. Many summer sublet rentals are inclusive of utilities. Please use the rental website to anticipate these expenses.) 
  • Other (Please explain)
  • Income (How much income, if any, will you have to contribute toward this experience? This may include payment from the organization, personal savings, or family contributions.)
Supporting documents and materials (Conservatory or Dual Degree students only)

If applying to summer music festivals or equivalent summer musical experiences:

  • Email confirmation or registration receipt(s)
  • Name of an Oberlin reference (primary studio instructor or other Oberlin faculty member)

Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the funding overview and take advantage of the Career Development Center’s resources to prepare their materials. For assistance, contact us at