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Hey there! I’m Tanya Aydelott, and from 2013 to 2017 I served as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Oberlin College. Three things in particular drew me to Oberlin: the music, the history of the college, and the college’s values and commitment to educational accessibility. As a blogger for the admission office, I sought to highlight some of these features, demystify the already-stressful college application process, and feature student and community voices.

Two of my favorite blogs featuring colleagues and friends are: Kris’s environmentally-friendly travel season and Sam’s take on what makes an Obie an Obie.

About admissions itself, here are some good starting points: A Reflection on International Travel (which also includes some thoughts on making your college list), An Admissions-Sized Surprise Part II (wherein I get colleagues and friends to offer words of encouragement), Interview Bingo (interviews aren’t supposed to be scary, I promise!).

There are also links to virtual panels where you can watch Obies talk about their Oberlin experiences. Take a look; we’ve time-stamped the videos so you can hop around to the questions you’re most interested in.

I wish you all the best as you navigate the college admissions process! Good luck and bon voyage!

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An Admissions-Sized Surprise: Part II

October 11, 2014

I had this crazy idea that, while I was in Texas traveling for the admissions office, I could meet up with the second graders' teacher and see if there was any kind of encouragement Oberlin could provide for her students.