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QuestBridge: What's Next?

December 2, 2014

Tanya Aydelott

On December 3rd, my colleague Yoon-Chan Kim hosted an online panel session for QuestBridge applicants who remain interested in Oberlin College after the conclusion of the QuestBridge Match process. He was joined by Linda, a current student who went through the QuestBridge program, to talk about the post-Match application process, additional required application materials, application fatigue, and the next steps for non-finalists.

As a school with a history of doing the right thing — being the first in the nation to admit students regardless of race (1835) and the first to admit women into a coeducational environment (1837) — Oberlin College is proud to continue the work of increasing access to higher education. As a part of that effort, we partner with QuestBridge, a national organization dedicated to increasing access to higher education for students from low-income and under-resourced backgrounds.

At this point, the QuestBridge Match program — an extremely competitive admission program that "matches" finalists with institutions of higher learning — has concluded. Many finalists have matched, but many more have not. Those who did not match must now consider their next steps, including which other schools to apply to, whether to apply early decision or regular decision, whether to use the Common Application or the QuestBridge application, and what other materials the schools require.

On December 3rd from 8:30 to 9:30pm EST, we will be holding a livestream here on this blog for QuestBridge applicants who continue to be interested in Oberlin. This session will illuminate the steps mentioned above by discussing not only what additional materials we need for further consideration, but also how you might frame your mind and spirit over the next few weeks.

As with other livestreamed sessions, we will be able to take your questions through the comments on this blog or on our Facebook page.

Please also feel free to refer to our web page for QuestBridge Applicants to review our application requirements.

The path to doing the right thing is not always straightforward, so we hope this aids you in your journey ahead.

Should you have questions after the livestreamed session, please feel free to email us at questbridge [at] oberlin.edu

Yoon-Chan Kim
QuestBridge Program Coordinator
Assistant Director of Admissions

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