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Ask An Obie: Spring 2017 Virtual Panels!

April 3, 2017

Tanya Aydelott


The Class of 2021 has been admitted, and the admit packets are winging their way through the mail to reach the newest members of the Oberlin community. I'm so thrilled to welcome our new Obies to the family!

A huge array of custom, round Oberlin pins

Every year, we plan packed programs for our Admitted Students days. The program days are wonderful ways to experience a small glimmer of what Oberlin has to offer: we invite you to eat with students in the dining halls or a co-op, visit classes, meet professors, check out ExCos, attend concerts, see the exhibits at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, stay in a dorm, and discover the beginnings of your Oberlin experience.

We know that not all of you can attend one of the program days, and not all of your questions will get answered even if you do. So we've planned three virtual student panels — three separate opportunities for you to pose your questions to current students.

To help channel your questions, we've organized the panels into themes: we have a panel for international students, a panel to answer general questions, and a panel for underrepresented student groups (students of color, low income, lgbtq+, first generation, etc).

The themes are really just a guide; our Obies have interests and identities beyond these, and can speak to a host of different topics.

Each panel will be livestreamed through YouTube and linked from this blog post, then archived here so you can watch it later if you couldn't watch the live feed. We'll be able to take your questions in the comments section of this blog post, so feel free to get that started now.

The panels, which will last between an hour and an hour-and-a-half, are:

  • April 9th (Sunday): 10:30am EDT - International Students
  • April 11th (Tuesday): 7:30pm EDT - General Questions
  • April 19th (Wednesday): 7:30pm EDT - Underrepresented Student Groups

Again, feel free to start posting your questions in the comments section below. We'll do our best to answer them all, and will continue to take the questions during the actual panels themselves.

See you online!

Our first panel was help on April 9th. Thanks to panelists Linh, Matt, Teague, and Lujza!

Thank you to panelists DaQuan, Elayne, and Ester for participating in our second virtual panel!

Our final panel was a peek into lives of the DaQuan and Peyton!

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