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A woman looks intense with outstretched hands.

Flamenco and the Jewish Influence

February 28, 2020
Yvonne Gay
Visiting Assistant Professor Alice Blumenfeld shared her passion for flamenco and the Jewish influence on this Spanish style of dance with a large audience in Hebrew Heritage House.
Two students look at  book with a picture of a large basket in it.

Winter Term in Oberlin: 2020

February 24, 2020
Yvonne Gay
Winter Term is a time of year when Oberlin students are encouraged to conduct independent or group projects outside of courses related to their majors. Pursuits can be done on or off campus with students choosing to work almost anywhere on the map. This year we highlight some of the work by the more than 900 students who completed projects in Oberlin.
Students walk through a gallery with dinosaur skeletons on exhibit.

This Week in Photos: February 5

February 5, 2020
Yvonne Gay
In this photo series, we walk with the dinosaurs in Cleveland and visit a congressional intern in Washington, D.C., before coming back home to Oberlin to watch the Wild Beast of the Bungalow take over the stage in Warner Concert Hall; go snowboarding in Hales Gym; and sit in on a gallery talk, book art class, choir practice, an academic retreat, and a dance performance.

25 Years of Dance Diaspora

March 13, 2017
Hillary Hempstead
The Cleveland native began her dancing career at the age of three, and while she started out in classical ballet, she later transitioned into the modern dance and Afro-modern styles during her...


Dancers performing on stage

Oberlin Dance Fall Forward 2016

November 21, 2016
Communications Staff
Dance at Oberlin presented the annual Fall Forward show November 4-8 in Warner Main Space. All pieces were choreographed and performed by Oberlin students.


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