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Who is Julian Abramof ’12?

March 25, 2021

Yvonne Gay

A portrait of a male student wearing a sweater.
Julian Abramof ’12
Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones ’97

If you attended a theater, dance, or opera performance at Oberlin College, you may have interacted with Julian Abramof ’12, but did you know he is a gamer after hours? Learn more about Abramof in this installment of Who Am I?

Name: Julian Abramof ’12

Department and location on campus: Theater and Dance in the Eric Baker Nord Performing Arts Annex

Job title: Box Office Manager

How many years at Oberlin? It will be six years in August.

What does your job entail? As the box office manager, I handle ticketing for all Theater and Dance Department events, and for the Conservatory's Artist Recital Series and opera performances. I also supervise a student staff of house managers, ushers, and ticket salespeople who ensure that patrons have a positive experience of the performing arts at Oberlin.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy spending time in nature, reading, gaming, and watching movies. 

Nickname(s)? Jules

Favorite food? My wife's delicious Korean cooking, inspired by her time in college studying abroad in South Korea.

Favorite Quote? "This is what the good guys do. They keep trying," in The Road by Cormac McCarthy.


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