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Who is Daniel James?

September 14, 2021

Yvonne Gay

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Daniel James, technical coordinator and lecturer in the theater and dance departments.
Photo credit: Jennifer Manna

Theatrical stories that illustrate history or stage performances that simply serve a purpose to entertain are what Daniel James likes best about the theater. Learn more about James, including his favorite places in Oberlin, in this installment of Who Am I?


Full Name: Daniel Robert James

Department and location on campus: Department of Dance and Department of Theater located in Warner Center

Job title: Technical Coordinator and Lecturer

What does your job entail? Technical coordination and supervision of all productions and production equipment at Warner Center. I also teach stage management, serve as a lighting designer for dance, and I am the building representative and scheduler for Warner Center. I am also administrator of THEA 199, which is the production crew for all dance and theater productions.

How many years at Oberlin? 11+

What do you like most about the theater? I like theater as a venue for telling stories that illustrate history for social transformation or just for entertainment.

Have you always wanted a career in theater? When did the theater bug hit you? I came to theater through dance, which I developed a passion for while in college at San Francisco State University.

Have you acted or assisted in any plays here or elsewhere? I had some minor roles in South Pacific and Bells are Ringing while in high school, and I took some acting classes in college but, personally, I’m more interested in technical theatre than performance.

Favorite play? I don’t have a single favorite of anything that stays a favorite for all times. However, the first play I attended was Man of La Mancha. It appealed to my teenage sense of idealism. It is not THE favorite but it is A favorite.

Favorite place in Oberlin and why? The athletic fields because my dogs love to fetch lacrosse balls, and the Feve for the beer.

Favorite childhood memory? Hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Best vacation ever? A working vacation [that included] riding my bicycle around Ireland while researching ancient and modern Celtic dance.

Any recent achievements you would like to tell us about? I adopted an 8-week-old Bordoodle in March. She is a constant revelation and joy.

Hobbies? Following the San Francisco Giants, 49ers, and Warriors; digital photography; and lately, training my dog.

Favorite food? Depends on the day, the time and the location. Most recently, a piece of pumpkin bread.

Favorite Quote? 

Between the idea

And the reality

Between the motion

And the act

Falls the Shadow, by T.S. Eliot



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