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Ohio State ID Cards

Those without a driver's license still often need to prove their identity so a state identification card might be a good solution if you would prefer to not always use your passport as your ID. Below are a few basic facts about Ohio identification cards.


  1. Current Ohio Identification Card is Digitized.
  2. Header on the Identification Card is green if 21 years or older. The heading has the words: "Ohio Identification Card." The image appears on the right side.
  3. If under 21 years of age, the header on the Identification Card is red. The heading has the words: "Ohio Identification Card." The image appears on the left side, with "UNDER 21 UNTIL (date)" on the right.


  1. In Ohio, you cannot hold an Ohio driver license and Identification Card at the same time.
  2. Ohio Identification Cards are used for identification only. You cannot use this card for driving privileges.
  3. Ohio Identification Cards are valid for four (4) years, expiring on the applicant's birthday.
  4. There is no minimum age for obtaining an Ohio Identification Card.

How to Obtain an Ohio Identification Card:

  1. When applying, you must provide the following original documents: 
    • Social Security Card (if an SSN has been assigned)
    • Current, unexpired passport (to prove full name and date of birth)
    • Valid Form I-94 (to prove non-immigrant status in the US)
    • Valid Form I-20
  2. You may apply for an Ohio Identification Card at any local Deputy Registrar License Agency. The current fee is $10.00 for 4 years validity or $19.00 for 8 years validity.

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