Office of Financial Aid

What Scholarships Does Oberlin Offer?

We know that families are concerned about college costs. At Oberlin College, our financial aid policies reflect a historic commitment to inclusion and academic excellence. By committing more than $75 million annually, we meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need, making an Oberlin education accessible to students from all financial backgrounds.

As part of that commitment, Oberlin awards generous merit-based scholarships. We review all admitted students for merit scholarships, and no separate application materials are required.

Merit Based Awards

Oberlin Commitment Scholarship

To ease the burden of the high cost of college, Oberlin will award a renewable $10,000 Oberlin Commitment Scholarship to all new students who apply and enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences and/or Conservatory of Music in fall 2023. All new students—domestic, international, transfer—will benefit from this scholarship. It is renewable each year at Oberlin provided that a student is enrolled full-time, maintains good academic standing and makes regular progress toward graduation.

Oberlin Pioneer Scholarship

The partnership between Oberlin College and Pioneer Academics has created an unprecedented online education model. Through this collaboration, outstanding high school students are able to conduct accredited undergraduate-level research following concrete, holistic standards. 

This $5000 scholarship will be awarded to any student for attendance at Oberlin, who has participated with any Pioneer Academics program, prior to applying for and being offered admission to Oberlin.

Conservatory Dean's Awards 

These scholarships are offered by the Office of Conservatory Admissions to prospective conservatory students based on audition ratings and ensemble needs. The Office of Conservatory Admissions notifies selected students at the time of admission.

In 2019-2020, Oberlin awarded nearly 100% of admitted conservatory and double-degree students merit scholarships, totaling more than $11.7 million. The Conservatory also meets 100% of demonstrated financial need and awarded an additional $2.9 million in grants for need-based aid.

John F. Oberlin Scholarships (College of Arts and Sciences)

Merit-based scholarships are available for students in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The Office of Admissions makes the awards based on academic achievement and notifies students selected to receive merit awards around the time they are notified of admission.

Oberlin College National Merit Scholarships and National Achievement Scholarships

Oberlin College sponsors a National Merit Scholarship in the amount of $1,000. Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program competition are eligible for consideration for an Oberlin-sponsored National Merit Scholarship if they declare Oberlin as their first-choice college, have filed an application for admission to Oberlin College, and have not been selected as winners of other National Merit or Corporate National Merit Scholarships.

Restricted Scholarship Programs

Oberlin College offers special scholarships for graduates of Oberlin High School and for children of Oberlin College employees.

The Oberlin College Board of Trustees has established a program that provides tuition scholarships to the natural or legally adopted children of full-time college employees. The scholarships may be used for tuition and instructional costs only.

For more information, call the Office of Human Resources [440-775-8430].

Oberlin College offers full-tuition scholarships to qualified graduates of Oberlin High School. Applicants must have resided in the Oberlin School District for at least four years prior to high school graduation, must have attended Oberlin High School for four years, and must continue residence in the area while enrolled at Oberlin College. The Oberlin School District includes the city of Oberlin and parts of New Russia, Pittsfield, Carlisle, and Amherst townships. Applicants also must meet the admission requirements of Oberlin College and complete an on-campus interview with the Office of Admissions.

Transfer students are eligible for the scholarship, provided they meet Oberlin's admission requirements and are graduates of Oberlin High School who have met the residency requirement.

For information, contact the Office of Admissions at