Office of Financial Aid

Student Employment and Financial Aid

The Oberlin online Jobs at Oberlin feature is a centralized location for advertising available jobs for student workers. The site benefits both the student looking for a position and the employer needing help. The site is open to any on-campus employer as well as off-campus employers associated with the Oberlin College community. Student Employment jobs are open to ALL students (with the exception of the Community Partnership positions which are subsidized by the Federal Work Study funds therefore require the student to have a Federal Work Study Award).

Federal College Work Study: Oberlin participates in the Federal Work-Study Program. Students who have a Federal Work award as part of their financial aid package are given priority for certain jobs. Please note: Work-study awards are not guaranteed. They are not automatically applied to the student account and should not be subtracted from the amount owed unless the student makes arrangements to turn earnings over to the college.

Oberlin College Employment:  Oberlin College also has its own funds for on-campus employment only. All students who are not eligible for Federal College Work study are paid through Oberlin College Employment.

Students are responsible for securing their own on-campus/off-campus employment whether it is a Federal Work Study position or an Oberlin College Employment position. Students are paid biweekly, based on the number of hours worked. Students may arrange to have wages credited to the Oberlin bill, or may use wages for other expenses. Typically, employment entails between 8 and 12 hours of work per week. Campus jobs are available in the dining halls, the library, computing center, and academic and administrative departments. Available jobs (both Federal Work-Study and Oberlin College Employment) may be viewed at Jobs at Oberlin under the Student Workers tab.

The payroll deduction form is available via Oberview.

Additional information is available on the Student Employment website.