Document Upload

You may scan and upload the required documents electronically. Uploading electronically is secure and the most expedient method of getting documents to us. 

When uploading to our server please be sure to include the students Oberlin T# in the format T0XXXXXXX. For students who have applied to Oberlin but have not yet been admitted, you may find your T# through your Oberlin Admissions portal. 

Please do not submit more than once. If you upload, you do not need to follow-up with a hard copy. Please be sure all documents, including electronically filed returns, are hand-signed prior to scanning or faxing. We do not accept signatures created with fonts. We do not have the ability to accept documents that require us to create an account in a special program. Please note is an unsecured email account. While we make every effort to protect the privacy of your documents, when submitting by email, you are submitting at your own risk.

Documents need to be in pdf or jpg format and no larger than 10 MB. Documents requiring signatures need to be hand-signed prior to uploading. We do not accept signatures created with fonts Please do not upload documents one page at a time.

IMPORTANT: This upload system does not work on Safari. Please use another browser, such as Chrome, to access this page and upload documents.

Upload your documents