Office of the Dean of the Conservatory


Group Advising and Departmental Meetings

Before arrival conservatory and double-degree students are assigned to a studio teacher and an advisor (many studio teachers are also advisors). Students are required to attend a group advising and divisional meeting during Orientation week.

New students are also assigned to Con PAL or arts and sciences PAL groups for peer advising. Upon arrival, new students will receive an Orientation schedule and packet that will provide more detailed information. (*Please check your packet for specific advising details: day/room/time.)

Incoming conservatory students will also receive a list of their pre-registered courses as well as suggested courses that should be added to their schedule during the add/drop period. Some courses like ensembles, secondary lessons, or liberal arts electives will not be added until the orientation or add/drop registration period. Following First Year Orientation, students will request consent for courses, meet with their advisor(s), and register online for their courses each semester.

  • Students with two conservatory majors or double degree students should consult their packet for preferred designated location.
  • Masters and Artist Diploma students must attend this advising session for information regarding registration and departmental requirements.
  • Historical Performance majors should attend the session most related to their instrument.

During Orientation, conservatory and double-degree students will receive group, divisional, and individual advising and registration information throughout the week.

Following initial Orientation and scheduling, conservatory and double-degree students are required to meet individually with their conservatory advisor(s) each semester during advising.

Conservatory and double-degree students will receive a RAP (Registration Alternate Pin) number each semester in order to log into registration. Students with more than one advisor will receive only part of their 6-digit RAP number from each advisor. The full RAP number is required for registration each semester.

Conservatory and double degree students may also request a meeting for advising with one of our conservatory deans.

Private teacher and advisor assignments for your primary lessons will be sent to your home address or Oberlin email account, usually by August 1. New students should not submit a request form for conservatory advisors as they will be automatically assigned (usually) based on student-teacher preference and faculty availability.

You may send an email to the Office of the Associate Deans if you have not received your placement by August 10. 

Many students ask, "Should I take a first-year seminar?" First-year seminars are not required for Conservatory students, but are strongly suggested for College of Arts and Sciences and Double Degree students.

Conservatory students are asked to wait until they have arrived on campus and met with their advisor before registering for any of these seminars. Some conservatory students will not have room in their schedule for a first-year seminar course in the first semester.

Double-degree students will have room in their schedule for a first-year seminar FYSP, LEAD course, and one liberal arts elective and/or lab, but should discuss course load and any conflicts with their advisor during Orientation.

Orientation Week Is Not Just For Undergrads!

Many graduate (Masters & Artist Diploma) and transfer students inquire about Oberlin Conservatory’s Orientation week and whether or not it applies to them. 

While it’s true that undergraduate students are busily adjusting to their academic careers away from home, we recognize that you have already settled into the collegiate lifestyle and may not feel the need to be “oriented.’’ However, the introduction to campus life is only the beginning of Oberlin Conservatory’s Orientation process. During this time all new undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students should participate in several required events.

Enrollment, Auditions, and Testing

During Orientation week all new students are required to physically enroll, and if applicable, sign up for auditions for placement in ensemble groups and piano classes and or lessons, as well as for aural skills and theory testing and placement.

Advising and Registration

New students will meet in individual, divisional, and group advising sessions to receive specific course number assignments they will need for registration, and to plan out their first semester schedule of classes. New students receive an advising packet during orientation and are assigned a specific registration time during which they register for courses. All new students should take advantage of this priority registration! (advising packets should be picked up at the AARC.)

Please Note: Though many of you have been in contact with your private instructors over the summer, faculty are not be able to enroll, register, or handle any of your orientation process. You and only you are responsible for your testing, auditioning and registering for classes, lessons, and ensembles – which takes place during orientation.

Lockers/Keys/Practice Rooms/Res-Ed:

The Office of the Associate Deans and Concert Production Office will be available during Orientation week. During this time new conservatory students have priority request for lockers, keys, practice rooms, and assistance for questions regarding the conservatory. Though students may make requests as available, this prioritization will not be offered once classes begin. New students will also benefit by having the chance to settle into their dorm or apartment prior to the beginning of classes.

Making Up Orientation

During Orientation week, other in-services are available for new students and attendance is suggested at Oberlin and or conservatory specific events that will be helpful to you before classes begin. Graduate and transfer students who miss Orientation must make up all Orientation requirements during the first week of classes by contacting appropriate departments. Students making up their orientation should schedule an appointment in the conservatory's Office of the Associate Deans in Bibbins 113 for assistance in meeting registration requirements. (Please confirm makeup Honor Code and advising sessions.)

Orientation Week is an opportunity for new students in all degrees to finalize their campus, registration, and performance affairs prior to the start of the semester. We hope to see you during Orientation. Please contact us at