Conservatory students will be pre-registered for most of their courses based on placement testing. Once a student has met with their advisor and their registration window opens, they will be able to adjust their schedule and add optional courses. Double Degree Program students may preregister for two liberal arts courses prior to and during Orientation. During the Orientation process, students will take conservatory placement exams and audition for ensembles.  

Once placement testing is complete, students will receive notice regarding advising, a proposed schedule, and Registration Alternate Pin (RAP). Conservatory students will finalize their registration for most of their courses just before the first week of classes.

Courses and credits will vary based on degree/major, however a conservatory first-year grid might consist of the following:

  • 6 credits - PVST Principal Private Study
  • 4 credits - MUTH Music Theory
  • 2 credits - MUTH Aural Skills
  • 4 credits - MHST 101 Music History
  • 2 credits - Secondary Private Piano or Class
  • 2 credits - Large Ensemble and/or Small Ensemble
  • 4 credits - Liberal Arts Elective

=> 22-24 total credits

Class and course schedules/requirements are called "grids" or "course distribution tables." A pdf of suggested and required courses for each semester/year for conservatory majors is available on the Conservatory of Music section of the catalog .

Using their Oberlin email, new students can select Grids (usually available in August) for a direct link to their suggested fall registration and 4/5-year projected course requirements.

During Orientation and throughout your study at Oberlin College, you will be asked for a "T-number," also referred to as "Student ID Number."

New students will receive their T-Number in the gold-colored letter from the Office of the Registrar. This number is required for you to be able to log in to PRESTO/OberView to register for courses. Students having problems with their log-in credentials should send an email to .

Students will use OberView and PRESTO  to register when they arrive for Orientation. Please Note: During the summer the student can see only the following information in PRESTO:

  • The student’s email address (e.g.,
  • The student's OCMR (usually available by August 1)
  • Holds (e.g., Student Health)
  • Results of the summer registration process (arts and sciences students only; usually available by August 15)

It is important for students to log on and check this information. To log in, the student needs the T-number and PIN sent in the gold-colored letter from the Office of the Registrar. Follow the instructions in that letter, and make note of your temporary PIN. After logging in the first time, you will be required to assign a new PIN.

You will need your T-Number, PIN, and RAP (Registration Alternate Pin) number in order to register each semester. (Only the RAP, distributed by your advisor(s), will change each semester)

For questions about transfer of credit , please schedule an appointment with the conservatory’s Office of Associate Deans (usually the third or fourth week of school). 

Note: you will have one calendar year from your entry into Oberlin to make your transfer of credit request. A transfer of credit application must be completed with the associate dean, as not all transfer credit is automatically counted toward a student’s major.

New Bachelor of Music students who have transfer credits in theory and aural skills are still required to take the requested placement tests prior to or during Orientation.

Transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope from your previous school or institution to the Office of the Registrar.

The final exam schedule is determined by the Office of the Registrar and is posted on the registrar’s website at the beginning of each semester.

Travel schedules are not considered a legitimate reason to change exam times. Many parents and students plan for the busy holiday season by making advance travel arrangements for December flights. Because final exam schedules are not posted until September, we suggest using the last exam day of exam week as your reference.

Exam weeks are posted on Oberlin’s academic calendar .