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Computers and Technology

What kind of computer will you need as a Conservatory of Music student?

Computer Recommendation for Oberlin Conservatory Students

Neither Windows nor Macintosh operating systems are specifically required for any discipline at Oberlin, but you’ll find that there are trends in some departments. Conservatory students generally choose Apple/Macintosh.

First-year students generally use handwritten notation for theory and aural skills courses. Notational software like Sibelius is useful but not necessary until sophomore year.

For complete guidelines on what to consider when choosing a new computer, consult the Oberlin College Center for Information Technology’s (CIT) Student Computer Recommendations page.

Obiemail: Oberlin Email

Your ObieID username and password is required for you to access OCMail, Oberlin’s email system. Students must use their Oberlin e-mail in order open Oberlin shared documents and to access OberView/Banner Self-Serve.

Refer to CIT’s New to Oberlin page for detailed information on when to expect your ObieID credentials to arrive, how to set up your account for the first time, and how to log in to the email system. If you have problems with your username or password, contact for assistance.