Office of the Dean of the Conservatory

Secondary Lessons

Secondary Private Lessons (PVST - Private Study) are open to enrolled conservatory, double-degree, and arts and sciences students. Applications and Auditions take place each semester during the first week of classes for new and returning students.

Many conservatory programs and divisions offer private study lessons for credit. We refer to these as Secondary Lessons. Faculty- or student-taught lesson placements may be based on audition, skill, and/or availability of teachers within the division. There are no prerequisites for secondary lessons, however students must audition for placement. Students must have two credits of room in their schedule in order to apply and audition for secondary lessons for credit with either a student or faculty instructor. 

Completion of music theory and aural skills is not a requirement of arts and sciences or conservatory students prior to registration for secondary lessons. Artist Diploma students (ADIP) are not permitted to register for secondary lessons due their underload credit restriction.

Visit the Conservatory Policies and Procedures web page for information regarding off-campus travel, dress codes, as well as practice room, keys, locker assignments, and COVID FAQ for updates.

Who Do I Contact?

Consent, Registration, and Teacher Assignments
     Jennifer Gendics, Bibbins 113, x58200
Audition Schedules
Practice Rooms & Keys and Jazz Audition Schedules
     Julie Baker, Kohl Building 200, x56633
Secondary Instrument Rentals 
     Con Audio, Central 33, x58272
Secondary Jazz Information
     Julie Baker, Kohl Building 200, x56633
Student Teacher Pay/Time Cards
     Irene Harris, Con Annex 224, 55530

Faculty Instructors & Sponsors:

Auditions take place during the *first week of classes. For additional information regarding the audition process, contact the faculty instructor:

Applied Study (Chris Eldridge): Associate Dean Peter Swendsen, Bibbins 113, x58200
Baroque Violin: Professor Edwin Huizinga
Bassoon: Professor Drew Pattison , Kohl Building 137, x55525
Composition: Professor Stephen Hartke, Kohl Building 322, x58548
Flute: Professor Alexa Still, Conservatory Bibbins 141, x58260 
Guitar (Classical): Professor Stephen Aron , Robertson 169, x56468
Harp: Professor Diane Evans , Kohl Bldg 137, x58033  
Harpsichord: Professor Mark Edwards , Conservatory Bibbins 134, x58216
Historical Performance: Professor David Breitman , Bibbins 104, x58215
Horn: Professor Jeffrey Scott , Conservatory Bibbins 142, x58246
Oboe: Professor Robert Walters , Conservatory Bibbins 135, x58211
Jazz Bass: Professor Gerald Cannon , Kohl Building 209, x58109
Jazz Guitar: Professor Bobby Ferrazza , Kohl Building 215, x58274
Jazz Piano: Professor Daniel Wall F22, Sullivan Fortner S23, Kohl Bldg. 225, x58791
Jazz Trombone/Comp: Professor Jay Ashby , Kohl Building 215, x56172
Jazz Voice: Professor La Tanya Hall, Kohl Building 217, x56674
Jazz (Other Instruments): Julie Baker , Kohl Building 200A-K, x56675 
Organ: Professor Jonathan Moyer , Bibbins 132, x58210
Percussion (Classical): Professor Ross Karre , Conservatory Central 38, x58271
Percussion: Professor Jamey Haddad , Conservatory Central 34, x58282
Piano: Professor Andrea McAlister , Conservatory Robertson 127 or 340, x56155
Recorder/Historical Flute: Professor Michael Lynn , Conservatory Robertson 137, x58225
Strings: Professor Peter Slowik , Conservatory Bibbins 333, x58248
Timara (Tech): Professor Tom Lopez , Bibbins Basement, Studio 8
Trombone: Professor John Gruber , Conservatory Bibbins 138, x58262
Trumpet: Professor Roy Poper , Bibbins 140, x58222
Tuba: Professor David Saltzman , Robertson 160, x58198
Violin: Professor David Bowlin , Conservatory Bibbins 335, x58221
Voice: Professor Timothy LeFebvre , Bibbins 128, x58175

Other Instruments: Conservatory Main Office , Bibbins 113, 58200