Conservatory Professional Development

Private Lesson Referral

Oberlin’s Private Lesson Referral connects Oberlin College students with Conservatory student teachers who provide private lesson instruction.

Private Lesson Referral

This referral program is specifically designed for Oberlin College students who are not able to take secondary lessons for credit. Current Oberlin College students who wish to study privately may hire a Conservatory student teacher by submitting an inquiry form. Instruction is available on most instruments for a fee paid directly to the student teachers.

When submitting an inquiry form, students should be prepared to indicate the instrument, experience level, lesson length, and frequency preference, as well as contact information. If any Conservatory student teachers are available to provide private lesson instruction, College students will be connected via email to that teacher to coordinate scheduling, fee, and any additional details. While most requests are able to be filled, the Private Lesson Referral cannot guarantee that every request will be filled.

Teaching in the Private Lesson Referral Program

Students interested in teaching private lessons must be approved by their studio teacher. Some departments will require that students complete a pedagogy course prior to pursuing teaching opportunities. During the orientation session, students will learn about the internal listing procedure, how to create a payment agreement, and other logistical considerations of private teaching. Students are expected to uphold the highest level of professionalism and teaching standards as representatives of Oberlin Conservatory. Contact the Office of Professional Development if you are interested or have any questions.

For questions about the Private Lesson Referral, email .


Additional Information About Private Lessons

For Community Members

Members of the local community interested in taking private lessons are encouraged to reach out to Oberlin Conservatory's Community Music School (CMS). The Community Music School is a branch of Oberlin Conservatory that offers a variety of music classes and private instruction on numerous instruments and in voice, geared to all ages and areas of interest.

For Enrolled Oberlin College and Conservatory Students

Current Conservatory, Double Degree, and Arts and Science students who are interested in taking private lessons for credit are encouraged to do so through Oberlin’s Secondary Lesson program. Secondary lessons are taught by Conservatory faculty as well as students who have received training in music pedagogy. Visit the Secondary Lesson page for more information.