Office of the Dean of the Conservatory

Secondary Lessons FAQ

Students interested in taking secondary lessons have many questions. We have the answers.

The Secondary Lesson Application form is all online now, so students can submit their request for secondary lessons and auditions link online or request to schedule a Zoom audition. Faculty will approve and place lessons online and students will be notified via e-mail.

Student teachers should submit their bi-weekly time cards via e-mail and copy their studio teacher (faculty sponsor) on the e-mail for e-signature approval.

Each semester, more than 300 students audition and/or submit consent requests for secondary lessons. These online applications and auditions must be reviewed for teacher and credit approval, and assigned an approved student or faculty teacher. Consent is then manually entered so students can register for lessons.

Some departments submit all of their forms at one time a few days following auditions, while others submit following each application, or just before add/drop. Please allow 2-4 days for us to process your application, audition, and enter consent. Thank you for your patience. 

You may send an email inquiry if you have checked your registration status on OberView and still have not received an e-mail or do not have consent one day prior to the add/drop deadline. Multiple students checking in on their consent/assignment status beforehand will only slow down the process. Students will have until 11:59 pm on the last day of add/drop to register for their lessons.

All Secondary Lesson Application Forms are online now. So if you do not receive an e-mail confirmation regarding your placement status by the last day of add/drop, please e-mail the Office of the Associate Deans so we can assist you in the process.

Consent does not rollover from one semester to the next. Every student must submit a Secondary Lesson Application Form the first week of classes each semester. Though returning students do not need to provide an audition link unless requested by faculty sponsor.


If you have applied for and been placed in lessons for two credits but have decided you do not have room or don't wish to take lessons - please notify the Office of the Associate Deans so we can update our records. Please let us know as soon as possible as you may be holding a seat of another interested student.

If you were assigned to a student-teacher you may still schedule lessons, but you must pay them directly for each lesson. Lessons without credit are not available for faculty-taught lessons.

If you are registered for lessons you must officially drop them on Oberview just like a normal course prior to the add/drop deadline or your grade may result in an F or NP/NE. After the add/drop deadline students must apply to withdraw if they no longer wish to continue lessons.

You can check your consent status at any time by searching for consented CRNs in OberView's Course Registration icon under Prepare for Registration. This is where you will find the correct CRN number for your Secondary PVST assignment.

From the main menu in OberView/Banner Self Serve (Instructions):

  1. Go to OberView
  2. Select “Course Registration”
  3. Select “Prepare for Registration (Banner Self Service)”
  4. Select “Prepare for Registration (View Registration Status)”
  5. Select a Term and click on "Continue"
  6. See "Permit Override" (Consented courses and CRNs are listed here)
  7. Please note: Secondary lessons ending in sections (01-11) indicate faculty taught, and sections (51-99) indicate student taught lessons with faculty sponsor. Student teacher assignments will be confirmed by the 2nd-3rd week of classes.

More questions about secondary lessons? Send email to the Conservatory Office of the Associate Deans.