Office of the Dean of the Conservatory

Practice Rooms, Keys and Instruments

Normally, all enrolled Oberlin students have use of the Robertson Hall practice rooms on a first-come, first-served basis during normal building hours. However, Due to COVID-19, practice room some restrictions will apply. Please see our COVID-19 FAQ page for updates regarding practice space availability and requests.

Some students taking secondary lessons for credit may also receive an assigned practice room, but students must be registered for at least 2 credits. Practice rooms & keys are generally assigned between the 2nd-3rd week of classes by Julie Baker (for Jazz instruments.) Due to limited availability, lockers are reserved for Conservatory students. Please note that we cannot guarantee practice room availability if COVID-19 restrictions apply. 

Instrument rental is available on some instruments. Please contact Con Audio in Central 33 (x58272) for details. Larger instruments are issued by the conservatory and stored in a shared practice room for secondary lessons. Secondary students should not bring a drum set to school. Please note that we cannot guarantee instrument rental or practice room availability if COVID-19 restrictions apply.

Please visit the Conservatory Policies and Procedures page for information regarding off-campus travel, dress codes; as well as practice room, keys, locker assignments, and COVID-19 FAQ Updates.