Career Development

Student FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Junior Practicum program. If you are an alum or parent interested in sponsoring a internship, visit the Sponsor an Obie Intern page.

Summit Logistics

Will the Summit take place virtually or in-person?

The Summit will tentatively take place in a hybrid format, partially in person and partially virtual.

What are the dates of the Summit?

The Summit will begin on Friday, February 25 and end on Sunday, February 27.

When does the application open and close?

The application opens on Monday, October 4 and closes on Wednesday, December 15.

What if I’m an F1 visa holder?

International students are welcome to participate in the Junior Practicum program.

What is the deadline to withdraw from Junior Practicum?

The deadline to withdraw from Junior Practicum is Friday, February 11, 2022.


Is funding available for the Junior Practicum program?

Yes. Students are eligible to receive up to $4,000 for completing the Summit, the 6-week module course, and securing an 8- to 12-week internship for the summer.

What do I need to complete in order to receive funding?

Students must successfully complete the Summit, the 6-week module course, and secure an 8– to 12-week internship in order to be eligible for funding.

When will I receive my funding?
  • Funding will be issued in early to mid-May, before you begin your summer internship.
  • If you anticipate this funding timeline creating an obstacle to participation in the program based on your financial needs, please reach out to the Career Development Center team.

Summer Internships

Will my internship be remote or in person?

At this time, the program is designed to support both remote and in-person internships.

How will my internship be determined?

Students will be mutually paired with an alumni or parent sponsor based on the student’s career community of interest, skills, career goals, and the sponsor’s project needs.

Can I find an internship on my own and receive funding?

Yes. The Career Development Center will pair you with an alum or parent sponsor for your internship. However, you have the option to secure your own internship with approval from the Career Development Center.

Who will supervise my internship experience?

Your assigned sponsor will supervise and support your week-to-week experience and provide you with projects and mentoring opportunities.

Am I able to accept further work experience with my sponsor after the internship?

Absolutely! We encourage you to network and stay connected with your sponsor after your internship officially ends. You are more than welcome to accept further opportunities, if offered by your sponsor. This, however, is not guaranteed and will be independent of the practicum experience.

When will I find out who my internship sponsor is?

Pairings will be shared by the end of April.

What input will I have in the matching process?

The Career Development team will use your application materials (i.e. career community interests, self-identified skills, and career goals) to inform the matching process with an alumni/parent sponsor.