Career Exploration and Development

Services for Alumni

Career Exploration and Development (CED) continues to serve the Oberlin community even after graduation. Alumni can rely on CED for help with networking, advising, fellowships, and all of the other things that you came to us for during your undergraduate years.

Career Advising: Our professional career advisors can assist you with almost any aspect of your career process. We can help you build your career network, prepare application materials, or give you a practice interview. Come into our office or get in touch with us remotely by Zoom.

Online Resources: Career Exploration and Development has access to online resources that can help you investigate the opportunities that you’re interested in. Alumni have access to most of these resources through our website, but you may need to contact Career Exploration and Development for access information.

Fellowships: Fellowships can support Oberlin graduates with specific interests. Apply for an Oberlin College Alumni Fellowship or ask us for help with a fellowship that you’re applying for.

Alumni more than five years out may find information on career development professionals in their geographic area through the National Board of Certified Counselors.