Career Exploration and Development

Share Your Experience

Oberlin alumni can play a critical role in helping students and fellow alumni chart their course. Your experience, your credibility, and your advice are invaluable as complements to the programs, services and resources offered here on campus. 

Connect with a student through OberLink

A 20-minute phone conversation can be invaluable for a student exploring career options. OberLink is a new platform designed specifically to help Oberlin students and alumni connect. With OberLink, students can browse lists of alumni who are working in fields that they’re interested in exploring, and then request one-on-one conversations. You don’t need to be an expert or a luminary; all it takes is ten minutes to set up your profile and a willingness to talk about your career path, share advice, and provide insights on how you got from there to here.

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Join the Oberlin group on LinkedIn

Currently, more than 6,000 Oberlin Alumni have joined LinkedIn Oberlin Alumni Group, making it a vibrant community that provides lively discussions with other alumni as well as practical advice for students exploring their role in the professional world. To access the network you must complete a profile and request to join the group. Matt Paddock '94 leads the group.