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Megan McLaughlin ’22

Hello, Megan here. I’m a recently graduated double degree student who majored in horn performance and English, with a minor in music history.

Among other things I did as a student, I was a member of VIBE Dance Company, a layout editor for The Synapse, a writer for The Oberlin Review, a tour guide for the Conservatory, and a circulation desk worker in the Conservatory Library. I was also a proud member of Fairchild Cooperative for almost two years (rest in peace Goats, 1977-2020).

I now find myself in the Chicagoland area, currently pursuing a Masters of Higher Education Administration and Policy at Northwestern University. My experiences writing for the blogs and working with students in other capacities at Oberlin were extremely formative for me, and I hope reading any of these posts can be helpful, insightful, or at the very least entertaining. That’s all folks!

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