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Megan McLaughlin ’22

Hello, Megan here. I’m a fifth-year double-degree student studying horn performance, English, and musicology. I’m from Michigan, and before that I was from Illinois. Now I live in Ohio, so I’m a Midwest baby through and through.

Here on campus, I work at the Conservatory Library circulation desk and as a tour guide in the Conservatory Office of Admissions. I’m also a layout and content editor for The Synapse, and I was a proud member of Fairchild Cooperative for almost two years (rest in peace Goats, 1977-2020).

Oftentimes I speedwalk to wherever I’m going because I spend a significant amount of my life being late to things, but if you ever spot me walking at a leisurely pace, come chat with me. I love animated stuff (I hope some of y'all noticed what my first sentence is from), fun facts, and I think that art history jokes are the funniest kind of jokes. I hope you like my blog! That’s all, folks!

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