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Esther Espeland ’17

Oh hey there, I’m Esther! I hail from Evanston, Illinois, Chicago’s northernmost (and coolest) suburb, home to the CTA Purple Line, Northwestern University, and the Chicken Shack. I live in a duplex with my sociologist parents and my sociologist upstairs neighbors, bringing the total number of sociologists I share a home with to four.

At Oberlin, I study not sociology, but history and Latin American studies. You can find me in class, at improv rehearsal, playing board games with the homies, teaching workshops on sex and consent, or scoping out hotties in Mudd library. Oberlin is a rad place; I go to endless concerts, get to learn new languages, and can wear my all grey outfits with no judgment. Now that is my kind of school! So why don’t we slip into our comfiest groutfits, sweatpants encouraged, and chat a while about sweet Oberlin? Lean in close, and I will tell you all my senior year secrets.

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